Three Resolutions to Embrace

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It’s that time of year — when we make and apply resolutions for greater success in the New Year. We should do this in Toastmasters, too, and here are three resolutions worthy of your consideration:

 1. I will mentor others and be mentored.  If you’re a club officer, attend one of the winter TLIs (see details). Last year, winter TLI attendance was down significantly from the summer level. We want to avoid that this year because one of the most telling indicators of club performance is whether officers attend trainings. Another hallmark of a strong club is an active mentoring program that helps all members with their personal progress. Please consider how you can mentor another member and in what ways a mentor could help you. Get and stay involved! If your club’s mentoring program is languishing, help make that a focus of everyone’s attention this year.

2. I will add a new member to my club. Membership growth and retention are key challenges clubs face in achieving Distinguished Club Program (DCP) goals. The average annual attrition rate of more than 40 percent is why two DCP goals (see details) require adding four new members. That is easily done if you and every other club member focus on bringing guests to meetings. We know intuitively that clubs with multiple guests at meetings are well positioned to thrive. That’s the simple yet brilliant premise of the 1+1 campaign (see details) Toastmasters International President John Lau introduced recently and that all of us can and should support in D25. Will you help us?

3. I will boldy go. More than just the theme of the D25 Spring Conference that you should attend (see details), To Boldy Go reflects nicely the philosophy and value of the Toastmasters program. What speeches do you need to give by July to achieve the communications goal you’re working on? Will you compete or serve as a helper in club and area speech contests? What steps must you take to complete a leadership goal? Prepare and follow specific plans detailing how you’ll boldly go! Inspire others as you demonstrate the skills and confidence you’ve gained in Toastmasters. 

Please consider and embrace these three impactful resolutions; you and your club will be glad you did!
Dean Lampman, DTM
D 25 Lt Gov Education and Training