It WAS “The Greatest Show on Earth”!

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What a conference! What a crowd! What a great experience!

District 25’s Fall Conference “The Greatest Show on Earth” had amazing attendance, exciting educational sessions, enthusiastic contests, fun and games, and best of all, accolades from our VIP, International President John Lau, DTM!

The Conference Committee

A conference is like a three ring circus, and with Ringmaster Cindy Hinckley as Conference Chair, each event created excitement and fun. Cindy is a wonderful leader whose vision and attention to detail are remarkable. With the precision of a circus acrobat, she oversaw her committee chairs, providing the needed guidance and information to make each contribution outstanding. I would like to extend my congratulations to her and our Conference Committee for making our event one in which every attendee felt welcome, where all found opportunities for education, growth, and fellowship, and where each volunteer and committee chair was able to demonstrate teamwork and leadership skills. Great work on The Greatest Show on Earth!

A VIP (A Very Inspirational President!) Visit

Having International President John and his gracious wife Rebecca among us made the conference extra special for all of us. John made each person he met understand that individual commitment to Toastmasters is the key to our organization’s success. In his inspirational keynote, John retold encounters he has had in his travels throughout the U. S. In each story, he told of finding potential members for Toastmasters from among the people he met. John encouraged each of us to be ambassadors for our amazing organization and to consider ourselves as shareholders in our “corporation.” He also revealed an exciting plan he calls “1+1.”If each Toastmaster finds one more person to enlist, then John’s vision of Toastmasters growing to 3 million people around the world can be realized. With John’s contagious enthusiasm and commitment, I have no doubt that this can happen!!

See You at the Top!

John commented very favorably on our District’s website, which he says contains materials that enable other districts around the world to become Distinguished. He also was very impressed by our Outstanding Officer Awards and our lovely Distinguished Toastmasters Ceremony. He noted the teamwork that our group embraces and encouraged the leadership team by saying, “See you at the top!” John also shared his personal story with us and encouraged us to share our stories with others. Because of his encouragement and faith in us, your district officers are more committed than ever to leading the district to Distinguished status. The Conference Committee and your District officers extend our sincerest appreciation to John and Rebecca for joining us and for contributing to our conference, helping make it The Greatest Show on Earth!

A Fond Farewell (for now) to Our Famous Visitor

On Sunday, several of us joined John and Rebecca for a visit to Cowtown, the Stockyards of Fort Worth, for the daily cattle drive. John’s picture on a longhorn will undoubtedly be shown at the International Convention in Cincinnati.

I have a dream that District 25 will be on stage in Cincinnati with John Lau to be honored for being a Distinguished District.




By District Governor Bonne Stroman, DTM