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LAS COLINAS COMMUNICATORS is sponsoring a Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program in Keller, TX.

On May 3, 2017, our Club President Todd Talamo, CC, presented the coordinator Rahila Vayani, CC, ALB, with the Youth Leadership Kits for the 8 sessions program which begins on May 20th.   
Living the Toastmasters credo  . . . the program coordinator, Rahila Vayani, will share her time and expertise with the local youth using the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program guidelines and kit. Rahila has a passion for youth education and she has previously conducted other types of training for youth groups.  
Our club’s sponsorship is an investment, not only in the lives of the youth in our community, but in the future leaders of our country. We appreciate Rahila for going “Beyond the Club” and conducting this Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program.

Hope Hill, CC, CL
Vice President Education
Las Colinas Communicators # 8055