What Is a Valid Club Officers List?

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Is your officer list correct? Are the required positions filled? Are your club’s officers paid members?

In order for a club to have a valid officers list, they must have a minimum of three officers filled: the president, a vice president, and the secretary. Additionally, each office must be held by a different person and each officer must be a paid member of the club. For more information please view page 55 in your Club Leadership Handbook.

If these roles are not filled by paid members by December 1, 2016, the club’s officer list is considered invalid and as such, will be removed if replacement officers are not voted into the positions and updated in our system. This means that the entire officers list will be removed and the club will be required to work with World Headquarters to update the officers list, as Club Central access will be removed for all officers.

If the officers list is removed, the club will need to submit the club officer list via mail, fax at 949-858-1207, or email at clubofficers@toastmasters.org.

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