Contests Are The Perfect Opportunity

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It’s October. Fall is in the air.  Contests are happening everywhere.  Contests are wonderful opportunities to introduce your friends, neighbors, and co-workers to Toastmasters.  People may not want to visit a “club”, but a speech contest?  Free food?  No one is going to ask me to speak?  Sure!  Why not?
We are adding new clubs, new members, and new possibilities every week.  Share the wealth.  Get involved.  We have need of new club mentors.  Ask me where the opportunities are and let’s get you plugged in.  Gain that mentoring experience by helping one of the new clubs get started strong.  Make those connections that will enhance your own Toastmaster’s experience.
We are always looking for new club leads as well.  What are the opportunities in your neighborhood, work place, or school?  Help us continue to grow by sharing those names and places with us.
We are also still looking for people who want to be part of demo teams.  All you need to do is send me your email address and I will add you to the distribution list.  You decide if you can make the meeting and sign up.  If you can’t, wait for the next opportunity.  It’s that easy.
If you have any questions about starting a club, growing a club, or improving your club communication, talk to me.  Let’s Experience Excellence together.
Article submitted by our Club Growth Director, Robi Ley