Awards Luncheon

Awards Luncheon District 25 Spring Conference

One of the main events at the conference is the Awards Luncheon. This is where our members and clubs in District 25 are recognized for their accomplishments.

First Place – $100 Gift Certificate
Second Place – $75 Gift Certificate
Third Place– $50 Gift Certificate
Judy Hearn, Larry Harmon, and Barbara Mills
accept the awards for their clubs.

Talk Up Toastmasters Award.

Afterburners – 5 members
Southlake Summit – 6 members
T.E.A.M Toasters – 8 members
Mansfield Sunrise – 2nd Quarter
Pioneer Power Speakers – 3rd Quarter
ACH Renaissance – $100 gift certificate 
Winners of Drawing:
Chad Pierson – Southlake Club
Fernando Tezaguic – United Regional
Adnan Bazmi – Savvy Sayers
Karen Chilton – ICE Breakers
Marilyn Southwick – FAA Toastmasters
Barbara Rollins – Clearly Speaking
Keith Boepple – World Renowned Grand Prairie
Sherry Chapa – Fish Pond Club
Aaron Plaskonos – Cowtown Toastmasters
D. J. Swinyar – ARBOR Toastmasters

One of the highlights is the outstanding officer awards presentation. It takes the participation of many to make this program a success. First is the recognition of officers that go beyond the normal duties of their officer positions. Then we need the members to acknowledge this by submitting nominations. For the term of July through December 2014, we received 731 nominations. This is indeed a record-breaking number. Volunteers that review the nominations fill the committee.They devoted many hours to this task.

District 25 Outstanding Officers for the term July – December 2014

President –
Gregory Pick – First Rate Toastmasters
VP Education – Jacquelyn Martin– Southlake Club
VP Membership – Charry Thomas – Vista Ridge Toastmasters
VP Public Relations – Patricia Quick – ARBOR Toastmasters
Secretary – Linda Olson – ARBOR Toastmasters
Treasurer – Alvin Warren – ARBOR Toastmasters
Sergeant At Arms – Art Rolader – ARBOR Toastmasters

Congratulations to all of these outstanding officers.
They “Rock Around the Clock”.

Submitted By*
Mary Walker
Awards Chair

*Additional information submitted by Sandra Price District News Editor.