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It’s that time of year again; time to start thinking about officer training. Yes, the spring Toastmasters Learning Institute (TLI) schedule has started. The first sessions were held on Saturday December 13th.  Waco and Denton had the honor of sponsoring the first TLI’s, and it was a GREAT day for training. Waco had a foggy start to the day but it did not stop the Waco officers from showing up. The 8:00 to 8:30 a.m. Meet and Mingle was fun conversation, and “How have you been?” with a touch of laughter. The morning refreshments and afternoon lunch were well done by Jeanette Vance and Rosemary Horton and obviously enjoyed by all.

The general session started at 8:30 with Building a Healthy Team.  There were 30 officers that participated in the general session. The discussions offered some great ideas and many shared stories that we could all learn from. The participant workbooks went well with the discussion and allowed more in-depth opportunity for note taking and sharing of ideas. After a brief break to stretch and grab another snack, we finished up with Building Trust. Then after a quick acknowledgement of the wonderful people that stepped up to present the officer training’s, we were off to the officer breakout sessions.

The officer break out sessions started at 10:30 and were completed by 11:30. A great lunch was set up and many talked about what had been covered. Area 41 Governor, Louisa Whitehead and Area 42 Governor Larry Vance took the opportunity to have an executive officer meeting with the Presidents and VP Educations that were in attendance at the TLI.

After lunch we had the secondary officer training for all officers holding multiple offices. This session covered Building Achievements for Continued Success. The participants were required to attend the general session and one of the officer breakout sessions. There was also an elective presentation offered for Membership Retention; Division B Governor Tracy Speyer was the presenter. This gave officers that did not need to attend training for a second office the opportunity to continue further education to help support their clubs.

I believe we all came away with some tools to help our members and build strong clubs. Waco TLI came to a close with more knowledge given and DCP goals met.

Thank you all that helped to make the Waco TLI a success.  Special thanks to Faron Kincheloe for ensuring we had computer and projector set ups and Louisa Whitehead for making sure rooms were available, location signs were placed and a Friday night call was made to insure the large conference room was booked for us.

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Felicia Christian
Division D Governor