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As a club president, you are influential in charting the course of your club. You also head the leadership team that sets the “tone” of your club’s activity.

Past International Director,
David McCallister

District 25 wants to take this opportunity to thank you for your dedication by providing a special President’s Breakfast on Jan. 17. This event is only open to presidents who have held office in this Toastmasters year (July 2014-Dec. 2014 & Jan. 2015-June 2015.). It will allow you to meet and interact with other club presidents as well as experience an interactive presentation from past International Director, David McCallister.

For your convenience, the breakfast will be before regular club officer training (TLI) so that you may take this opportunity and then attend club officer training (if you haven’t already done so for the winter training season).

Preregistration is required.

Submitted By
Marylee Mims
District Governor