Winter 2014-2015 TLI: Your One Stop Shop for Club Officer Training

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This round of officer training will provide you with opportunities never experienced before. Whether you hold one officer role, or multiple roles, we want to provide you with the tools you will need to be successful without having to attend multiple TLI dates. Let’s see how many club officers we can get through training during the first round!

General Session: 90 minutes where you will be part of an interactive discussion on the traits of a healthy team and how that can benefit your club. You will be provided with valuable information and takeaways to help ensure that you and your fellow club officers are part of a healthy team to enhance the success of each of your club members. This is a mandatory session for all club officers.

Individual Club Officer Breakout Sessions: 60 minutes of instruction by experienced club officers who will provide you with the necessary tools of your office so you can be successful as a club officer. They have walked in your shoes as a club officer and will be able to provide you the opportunity to hear what others in your role have experienced in the past. This and the General Session are mandatory sessions for all club officers.

Supplemental officer training:  If you hold more than one officer role, you can attend combined officer training. You will be presented the session titled Building on Achievements for Continued Success and will cover Moments of Truth, Club Success Plan, and sharing best practices. This session will cover club success but will not go into specifics for any one particular officer role. This session, the General Session and the Individual Club Officer Session are mandatory if you desire to obtain credit for all officer roles you hold.

At the Denton TLI, we are also offering the exciting sessions running concurrently with the Supplemental Officer Training:

Successful Contests: This is a session providing you the tools to have a successful contest.  Definitely a plus if you are going to be a contest chair during the upcoming contest season.

Characteristics of Effective Leaders:  This educational workshop will explore the qualities, values and styles effective leaders display.

The Key Leadership Initiative: This session will explore mentoring as a leader and help you grow new leaders in your club.

Visit the District 25 website training section to pre-register for the classes you want to attend.  Additional training dates and details and locations will be updated shortly.

Submitted By
Susan Gardner
District 25 Winter TLI Chair