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District 25’s Toastmaster Leadership Institute is now available for Pre-Registration online. The schedule of dates is here. Elective sessions and club officer classes are available for anyone who wishes to broaden their knowledge. 

Club officers should attend the session for their designated office to receive credit toward goal #9 of the Distinguished Club Program and to learn about their roles in service to their clubs. Only elected club officers will receive club credit for attending officer training.

  • For DCP credit a minimum of 4 officers must attend both in the summer and winter sessions. But why stop there? When all 7 club officers attend training, the club will receive the much-sought-after Super 7 recognition ribbon for their club banner.
  • President, VP Education, and VP Membership are two-hour sessions while VP Public Relations, Secretary, Treasurer and Sergeant at Arms are one-hour sessions. 
  • If you hold more than one office, you have a great opportunity at Full TLI’s to attend training for both offices on the same day. At those trainings, the Alternative Leadership session will be offered twice (first and third hour). This training is for anyone who has previously served in the same office which they now hold. If you are new to all offices held, we look forward to seeing you at more than one Toastmaster Leadership Institute.

Kathy Brewer
Training Chair

Elective classes for Summer 2013

1. Parliamentary Procedure:  June 29th only! A special two-hour introductory presentation is offered by District 25’s own Jim Monahan in the principles of Parliamentary procedure. You will learn about by-laws, order of business, the rules of debate, motions, and then put into practice what you have learned.

2. Alternate Leadership Training:  Attending officer training again for a role previously held is often beneficial as you may gain new insights from a different instructor. But if you have previously served in your current elected office and attended training several times for that office, you are eligible to attend this session and receive officer training credit. This is a special presentation by a panel of District 25 Distinguished Toastmasters. Hear how you can be a positive influence on your club as you continue to serve its members.

3. Using Your Media Resources:  Topics for discussion include setting up and maintaining club websites and using social media sites like Facebook and Meetup for club PR and membership campaigns. We plan to have WiFi available in the room for this session so participants can do some real-time viewing.

4. Navigating Club Central:  Need to submit an educational award? Have a new member to add to your club? Is it time to send reminders for dues renewal? Join us for a session with real-time viewing of Club Central. Club officers must log into Club Central to conduct club business. This session will show you the “power of Club Central” and how to navigate the site to keep your club information updated.

5. The Five Step Speechwriting Process:  Back by popular demand, this session can help you eliminate the writing barrier that so many encounter. Sara Boepple will outline the five-step process that you can use to write your best speeches ever.

6. The Club Sponsor and Club Mentor:  It takes experienced Toastmasters to help a new group become a thriving club with a strong foundation. Learn how to be the architect of a great club as you explore the blueprints to be an effective club sponsor or club mentor.

7. Special Leadership Opportunities:  Learn about the opportunities for you on the District 25 Marketing team this year. Details will be provided on Helping Hands, the Demonstration teams, New Club Sponsors, New Club Mentors and the Club Coach program.

8. Making a Difference as a Club Coach: We will explore the challenges and the triumphs of being a club coach. The Club Coach program can effectively bring a struggling club with 12 or fewer members back to health through the joint efforts of the club’s members and the club coach.

9. How to Conduct Productive Meetings: Learn the techniques and dynamics for conducting a meeting in ANY group. This is a session that is open to all members.  Materials presented are from the Success/Leadership program.

10. The Art of Effective Evaluation: No matter what your vocation, the ability to effectively evaluate any situation is crucial. Learn the finer points of offering constructive criticism and find out the factors that contribute to your club’s evaluation climate.

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