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Is your Toastmasters club successful? There are many factors that determine what makes a successful Toastmasters club. One example would be the 10 criteria or goals that comprise the Distinguished Club Program. This is great, but I would like to view success from a different perspective.  

I believe a successful club’s marketing strategy uses more than just the club website, social media, or the DCP goals. It should also include these five characteristics:  Commitment, Enthusiasm, Genuineness, Excellence, and Service.  

Commitment – Engage yourself and get involved in the Toastmasters learning process. Don’t just be curious and a spectator on the sidelines, but step up to home plate and bat! Commitment shows! 

Enthusiasm – Let your excitement show! Allow your exuberance, your intense, positive, emotion regarding Toastmasters to channel through you. It is contagious!  

Genuineness – Be real! Be authentic! Don’t be a “counterfeit.” A counterfeit can be spotted readily. Show your guest what you truly represent. Genuineness comes naturally.

Excellence – Successful marketing needs excellence. We as marketers need to exude confidence and be experts about all aspects of the Toastmasters Program to be able to identify benefits to a prospective member. We need to be a walking billboard confirming the benefits of the program. 

Service – Always be willing to serve, no matter in what capacity or at which level. Such as club, area, division, district, mentor, officer, helping another club. Serve with passion and integrity. When you serve others, both you and your organization grow in the process. The one who blesses others is abundantly blessed; those who help others are helped. (Proverbs 11:25 The Message)

Fellow Toastmasters, success is there for all of us to achieve. As part of your marketing strategy to achieve success, I recommend that you include the five characteristics of Commitment, Enthusiasm, Genuineness, Excellence, and Service. 

Always remember, “You” make the difference.  “You” are the true marketer of success in Toastmasters.  

Duane Fontenot
VP Education
Colleyville Toastmasters #1582921