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The Pathways learning experience provides practical, flexible programs that can help you in your career, personal life, or Toastmasters  You can personalize your learning experience on every Path from the electives chosen.  As your Pathways team we want to help individuals and clubs!  If you want to learn more or need help email me or request a visit by a Pathways Guide.

Since we have fully converted to the Pathways Learning Experience, you may be facing growing pains.  You are not alone, and we have formed a team to serve and assist in any way possible.  We can provide one-on-one coaching, direct you to the relevant resources or present to your club directly to address any concerns with Pathways.

Greg Pick
Pathways Coordinator

Meet The Pathways Team

Our team of highly motivated, knowledgeable members can answer individual questions,
present at your clubs or help with anything Pathways.  

Celeste Castro

Working through Pathways improves your knowledge so that you can establish stronger relationships among team members as you complete projects.

Jennifer Dodd

Pathways offers multiple opportunities to build skills that complement today’s workplace activities and community leadership goals.

Jim Jameson

Pathways provides a customizable learning path with a series of projects to help club members increase their knowledge, practice a variety of skills, and improve their communication and leadership abilities.

Dave Papenmeier

There are so many excellent optional project choices that I am doing several extra ones in my two Paths (Presentation Mastery and Effective Coaching) to enhance my educational experience.

Allan Pickering

The Pathways Educational Program is clearly influenced by the modern corporate environment, primarily in language. Competencies, Proficiencies, and even in the names and subjects of the Paths themselves. Take the lessons to heart and launch your own career. Share a glimpse at Pathways with your Company and forge a closer partnership with the Company.

Maria Smith

Pathways provides hundreds of projects to help the beginner and challenge the DTM.  Remember, it’s your path to make the most of it.

Sandy Swan

I love the flexibility of Pathways and how I can adopt the projects to building my leadership skills.

Steven Timmons

Pathways is a set of structured courses that guide you in building a specific skill set easily translated into real world solutions.