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While all Toastmasters Club are special, not all are considered Advanced or Specialty Clubs. If you’re like me, you may not have originally understood what an Advanced or Specialty Club is and how they differ from other Toastmasters Clubs. 

Now that I am a member of an Advanced Club and a Specialty Club, in addition to my community club, I see the benefits of joining multiple Toastmasters Clubs. This year, I will complete a CL in just a few months instead of the year and a half it took me when I first joined. I was able to give a 20-minute speech from an Advanced Manual that we wouldn’t have had time for during my regular meeting. It is also a lot of FUN! For example, the most recent meeting of the new Once Upon A Time Toastmasters was just WILD (Into The Wild, that is).

Learn more about some of the Advanced and Specialty Clubs in our District:

Executive Leadership Toastmasters #9646

Our mission is to help current and aspiring leaders within the District to grow to their full potential. If you want to find a mentor who has “been there, done that” to guide you to where you want to be, this is a great place to look! We usually meet a member’s house and have dinner together before the meeting, creating a relaxed environment where members really get to know each other. Our flexible schedule allows members to complete Advanced Manual speeches that they may not have the opportunity to do elsewhere. Come, join us, and find out if you have what it takes to be an Executive Leadership Toastmaster!

Cindy Hinckley

Highway to Excellence #3332446

Our mission is to provide a warm, welcoming, and nurturing environment for individuals seeking advanced training to accelerate their speaking and leadership skills. Many current members are DTM’s and willingly share their extensive experience by providing in-depth evaluations.

The schedule allows for longer advanced manual speeches as well as monthly workshops.

We are a great second club for Toastmasters looking for advanced speaking and leadership opportunities. Completion of the Competent Communicator educational award is required to join.

Bonne Stroman 


MotorMouths Toastmasters #6497

Vroom Vroom – Calling all two and three wheelers!

Have you ever thought of combining 2 things you enjoy, TOASTMASTERS and MOTORCYCLE RIDING! WE DID!

The MotorMouths are here and talking up a storm! Harleys, Hondas, Ducatis, Victories, Spyders, we are all in the MotorMouth family. Our club is looking for anyone who wants to ride and speak. No, not at the same time!!! We cruise to our meeting location, have our meeting, then hit the open road to enjoy the wind in our face and our knees to the breeze.

Legal disclaimer* Motorcycle ownership is not required to be a member of MotorMouths. Just an enjoyment of adventure and Toastmasters.

Larry Harmon

Off the Cuff Club #4354

We take Toastmasters seriously, but we also enjoy ourselves. (That’s why we have the role of Fun Master!) We share a potluck dinner then have three speeches, evaluations and Table Topics.

We’re called “Off the Cuff” because that’s the kind of speeches we do. The toastmaster creates broad-based topics that follow a theme, then the speakers have five minutes to plan an effective speech that develops the assigned topic and satisfies the objectives of the selected CC project.

While our speeches are always manual speeches, we are considered a specialty club and recommend that the first time through the CC manual should be done within the structure of a traditional club. 

Diana Patton

Once Upon A Time Club #6103644

What a novel idea to create a specialty club that doubles as a book club! In this club, the Toastmaster will choose a book for everyone to read and it is encouraged that the speeches and Table Topics are developed around the themes of that particular book. Let your inner bookworm inch its way to our next meeting!

Joyce Trimble

Out on the Town Club #897575

Out on the Town Toastmasters is an advanced club which provides excellent mentoring and camaraderie for its members and guests. Many Distinguished Toastmasters hold officer positions within the club, providing an ideal environment for you to develop advanced speeches, receive helpful feedback, and experience a high level of leadership in action.

With nine years of history, “OOTT” has enjoyed discovering new and interesting restaurants within District 25. Join us while out on the town, the second Saturday of each month.

Maurice Caya

Find an Advanced or Specialty Club near you!  

– Article submitted by Kim Story, ACB, ALB, member of Afterburners Club, Executive Leadership Toastmasters, and Once Upon A Time.