It’s Not Too Late to Renew!

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Have you paid your dues? What’s your club’s membership renewal status?

Check on members who have not yet renewed. Call them, email them, find out what their Toastmaster goals were and invite them back. Then, help them with those goals.

Membership renewals for Oct 1, 2015 to Mar 31, 2016, were due by the end of September. However, it’s not too late to get club DCP credit! If payment for 8 members (at least three of whom must be renewing members) is received by TI by Oct 10 your club will still achieve partial credit towards DCP Goal # 10.

Only club officers can pay dues online for members.

Just follow these steps:
Go to
Click login
Click Leadership Central
Click Club Central
Click your club name
Click Pay Dues
Place a check mark by the member’s name in the list
Fill in the payment info
Click “Process Payment”
Wait for confirmation page