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The positions listed below are appointed at the will of the district governor, subject to the approval of the district executive committee and confirmation by the district council. More details are in the District Leadership Handbook.

Area Governors serve as the direct liaison between the district and the clubs in their assigned areas.
Ideally, area governors have served as members of a district council (club president or VP education).
Responsibilities include:

  • Participating in district-provided training
  • Visiting clubs to understand and support their needs
  • Submitting at least two reports online for each club
  • Motivating and assisting each club to become Distinguished
  • Coordinating the area speech contests.

The Public Relations Officer works to establish and maintain lines of communication between the district and its members, as well as between the district and the public.
It is desirable to have experience in or understanding of public relations, plus knowledge of how websites and social media work.
Responsibilities include:

  • Keeping members informed of Toastmasters activities, news, and events
  • Informing the local community about club and district events
  • Motivating members to get and stay involved
  • Contributing to the district’s newsletter, website, and social media sites.

The District Secretary maintains the historical records of the district, recording and distributing meeting minutes, and otherwise maintaining accurate, timely records of district business.
Responsibilities include:

  • Recording minutes of district executive committee and district council meetings
  • Preparing mailings (electronic or postal) of announcements, minutes or other district reports.

The District Treasurer works closely with the district governor and lieutenant governors to ensure that the district is making cost-effective decisions—within policy—that result in effective fiscal management.
Knowledge of accounting and the handling of financial matters is required.
Responsibilities include:

  • Knowledge of Toastmasters International’s bylaws, policies, and protocols
  • Familiarity with Managing District Finances (Item 1307), a comprehensive financial resource for managing the fiscal responsibilities of the district
  • Understanding how to use the district accounting system
  • Assisting to develop a realistic budget based upon the goals of the district
  • Recording receipts and payments in the district accounting system
  • Reconciling the bank account
  • Submitting monthly, quarterly and semiannual treasurer’s reports
  • Submitting all financial information and records for the audit committee twice a year
  • Accounting for all district fixed assets and inventory.

To find out more or express your interest in one of these offices, come to the Leadership Open House on Jan 17, or send an email to helpwanted@d25toastmasters.org.

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Jodie Sanders
Lieutenant Governor Marketing