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When a call comes that the club champion suggested a speaking training opportunity for new managers, one is quick to respond “absolutely.”
With the aid of three rotating Nationstar Speak members, Debbie Rousseau, Charles Barber and Trametra Vernor, Joyce Trimble facilitated a 6 week Customer Relations Speechcraft to aid the new managers with their presentations to Executive and Senior Management. Each participant was able to complete roles as Toastmaster/Table Topic Master, Speaker, Table Topic Speaker, Evaluator, Ah (or as they called it, Ah Ha) Counter and Timer.

At the last meeting on November 6, Lt. Governor Cindy Hinckley and Lt. Governor Jodie Sanders were present to present certificates of completion, to participate in Table Topics and to offer words of encouragement. Each participant was also presented with a “graduation” gift from Joyce, which included a coupon for their chapter membership dues, IF they become Charter Members.


Pictured with Cindy, Jodie and Joyce are participants, Ashley Powers, Josh Taylor, Lindsay Wood, Phillip Montes and Sarah Stoneking. Not pictured: Participant Taylor Pettigrew.

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Joyce Trimble