The Presidents’ Breakfast and Training was a Hit!

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Saturday, January 18th, sixty-four District 25 club Presidents filled the room at the Baker Building at Texas Wesleyan. They were there to attend the Presidents’ Breakfast and Training. This event was by invitation only and was said to be the best attended Presidents’ Breakfast in district history!

In the 1st session, guest speaker Chris Looney spoke about being ethical, committed, supportive, inspirational, trustworthy and trusting as being some of the qualities for leadership. He also talked about what a phenomenal rate of return you get for the money you invest in Toastmasters.

In the 2nd session, group discussions were set up around the room to address the areas of:

  • Working as a Team
  • Member Retention
  • Contests, Conferences and Other Opportunities
  • How Does My Club Reach DCP Status?
  • Membership Growth
  • Quality Club Meetings

The presidents had the opportunity to choose 3 of the topics and move from one area to another as time permitted.

 Participants thought it was a great technique,  allowing them to choose areas important to them for their particular club.

Submitted by Sandra Price