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This was part of the “Mysteries of Club Public Relations” presentation made on the Feb 25th Membership Monday conference call. You may listen to the call in its entirety here.

FAA Toastmasters puts their meeting information
right at the top of the page so it is quickly and easily found.

Suggestions for Public Relations/Marketing in your corporate club:

  • Keep an up-to-date database of all members and visitors.
  • Send an agenda out a few days before the meeting.
  • On the morning of the meeting, display a flyer with meeting information.
  • Send a letter to a member’s manager (with their permission) upon completion of their Ice Breaker. Let the manager know one of their own is gaining communication and leadership skills.
  • Invite manager(s) of members who are giving their 10th speech to attend the meeting. I do this on the QT (in case the managers cannot attend). It is really something when a member’s boss walks in. SURPRISE! One manager bought a big number 10 balloon and had an office party. This is GREAT PR.
  • Post current officers’ names, photos and contact information in high-traffic areas like the cafeteria. Also, post Toastmaster PR material in coffee/microwave area for employees to read while waiting for their lunch to cook.
  • Winners at our meetings, i.e., best speech, best evaluator and best Table Topics, receive an FAA Toastmasters ribbon. Some winners have shared that they stick the ribbon outside their cubicle and get some interesting questions from people in their work area.
  • A few times during the year we invite special speakers (mostly non-members) who have a special story to tell. Recently, I invited an engineer who left Vietnam during the fall of Saigon in 1975. She came to the USA (along with many family members), learned English and graduated from college. We marketed this event by putting up flyers and having food. We did this around Thanksgiving with the theme of being thankful.

Wayne Sekerke
Area 55 Governor
Member, FAA Toastmasters