The “100 Percent” Afterburners Meeting Got Very Hot for One Member

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What beats a Toastmasters meeting that includes refreshments? An Afterburners meeting like the one on Feb 19th that had a different format and an added bonus. Steven Timmons hosted a table topics contest with a theme of “100 Percent” instead of the regular meeting format.

Phillip reads the charges against a very red-faced Jodie.

But before we got into the contest, Steven made a call on the SAA and two burly characters to escort Jodie Sanders to the “hot seat” at the front of the room. Then he called upon Phillip Silas, the Crier, who presented the Case Against Jodie Sanders, accused of certain crimes against humanity — or at least lack of judgment, for having attended 100+ consecutive Afterburners meetings. That didn’t even count the meetings of other clubs, conference committee meetings, conferences, and leadership institutes! The judgment of the panel was for Jodie to be roasted in her chair!

Saraí is about to let Jodie have it as the spectators
wait in gleeful anticipation.

As the Crier asked “Who stands prepared to present this roast?” a very loud and proud voice rang out, “My name is Saraí Olmos and I am ready to roast the accused!” Saraí enthusiastically presented a roast that even Dean Martin would envy, challenging Jodie with evidence of chronic meeting attendance, boozing it up at the “Trial of the Terrible Toasties,” and stifling one member’s apparent quest to give a speech at every darn meeting. Drinking problem aside, Jodie has made Afterburners a fab experience. All in good fun, but most appropriate to celebrate the accomplishments and dedication Jodie Sanders has to Toastmasters.

We split into two teams for the Table Topics contest. The War Pigs gave a great effort, but the Innocent Bystanders took the certificate. Topicsmaster Steven Timmons had a select group of questions relating to the number 100. We foresaw lots of technological changes 100 years from now. One creative person devised a new use for hundreds of pennies as weights to exercise biceps and triceps while waiting in line to pay for things. It just makes cents! Bill Erwin wasted no time reassuring the Topicsmaster that he would ALWAYS find room for a 100″ TV!  But finding a 100-year-old time capsule with a live chick and youth serum in it confirmed to me that my imagination must need a recharge! All in all, it was a fantastic Afterburners meeting. The food was great, but the fellowship even better!

Laura Stewart
Afterburners Club #6191