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Roses are red; violets are blue!
I love my club, and so will you!
2018 is the year of love.
Your club has an abundance of that to write of!
Simply tell us why your club’s the best,
And we will share with all the rest!
Explain why your members are always in sync.
Just click right here to find the link.
But don’t be too wordy!
Keep to 150 words, or maybe 130!
Your latest club picture can be included
To go with the story, and your work is concluded!

Six Twenty-Nine



629 Toastmasters meets the 4th Sunday of the month at 6:29 pm at Spring Creek Barbeque in Irving.


629 is not world renown nor super unique.
However, we do meet at an eatery by the name of Spring Creek.
Experienced members give a personal touch to help you speak.
Enjoy learning whether you are a little confident or a little meek.
Agenda changes and a few mishaps happen along the way.
629 always finds friends who can help and save the day.
We are a small club who is not afraid to grow. We welcome everyone, y’know.

Ernestina Pinones, DTM
Six Twenty-Nine, Club #6296






World Renowned Grand Prairie

We very humbly can say that our club is the very best club in the USA and the world, since all of our members are united by an impressive bond of friendship, where everyone feels like a awe-inspiring family. We strive to help each member grow in a context that goes well beyond the club by participating in activities outside of our club in which we show case the strongest leadership, communication and relationship building skills. We pursuit happiness in each of our members by encouraging them to participate of our communities, schools, churches, leagues, government and becoming part the greater good of mankind. We all know that there isn’t a bigger pleasure than giving back to those in need of support. We help, mentor and are always there available for each other, while we all learn how to improve our social media platforms, photo taking, video making, sushi making, dressing up, wine tasting, singing and even cooking skills. As we strive to expand our reach to outer space, we modestly know our club will soon be the best club of the universe.

We are Bold! We are Proud! We are World Renowned !!! 

Alberto Pineda
World Renowned Grand Prairie Toastmasters, Club #6332


Highway To Excellence






Heart—Caring about each other and sharing bonds of friendship

Integrity—Behaving with the utmost integrity in all things Toastmasters and beyond

Genuine—Offering genuine, honest, but encouraging speech evaluations

Helpful—Volunteering for events and roles beyond the club level

Well Run—Conducting meetings on a professional level

Achievement—Honoring our President’s Distinguished status since 2013

Yes We Can— Making the impossible possible with our “can-do attitude”

Teaching— Developing new insights and skills in 30-minute workshop sessions

Outstanding— Delivering well-planned advanced speeches with style

Established—Including a core of dedicated, long-term members

eXcitement—Wanting to share the value of our club with others

Confident—Fostering excellence in performance of meeting roles

Enrichment—Assuring that every meeting results in added value

Leadership—Developing strong leaders for our District and our community

Like-Minded—Sharing a love of all things Toastmasters

Entertaining—Having fun even with those module speeches

Noteworthy—Mentoring provided by current and past District leaders

Creative—Practicing unique approaches to speech development

Effective—Focusing on excellence in communication and leadership

Bonne Stroman, DTM
Highway to Excellence, Club #3332446











We learn and we grow;
As our prolific speeches flow.

Waco Texas Toasters are humble and kind;
We always work with the Veteran in mind.

We learn to be leaders through our mentors and guides;
We are calm and confident and take it in stride.

We have worked together to be a success;
Waco Texas Toasters are hands above the rest!

Tina Steed
Waco Texas Toasters, Club #5529749

(Second submission by Waco Texas Toasters members!)

The words flowed from her mouth, as I sat in awe.
She painted a picture with words of her puppy’s paw.

The story ended, but I sat there still.
Wondering how in the world do you get that skill.

Texas Toastmaster, she said with smile.
You can join our club or sit in for a while.

In my introversion, I nodded a yes.
I didn’t know what this was, I couldn’t even guess.

I learned through listening, those speakers were great.
I learn through being the grammarian, there is no such word as ain’t.

The Texas Toastermaster speakers have won many accolades
With support and caring we all want to participate.

My words don’t flow yet like the waters of some
But give me time the best is yet to come

Tresea Glaser
Waco Texas Toasters, Club #5529749

Wichita Falls 305

One day over 70 years ago
Club 305 was born – don’t ya know!
As the oldest club in the state
to tell how proud I am of the club could not wait
Larry and Tom were members for years
both are now in heaven but through our tears
We have learned from them both so much it’s true
so glad to have known them, I was one of the few
They formed the club and helped it to grow
from infant speakers to great leaders you know
Club 305 is still very much alive
each day we learn and continue to survive
Everything is bigger in Texas it is told
so we continue that trait – would hate to break the mold!
We will soon begin a new path as that is the way
for each of us to learn more each and every day

Denise Gough DTM
Wichita Falls Club 305, Club#305






“Main Street Speakers” my club’s name
Conquering fear is their game
It is a lot of fun but challenging too
That is why I know “This club’s for you”

I Love this club & what it’s done for me
I now have confidence that others can see
Ums and ahs, I can keep at bay
Thanks to Toastmasters, I hear what I say

I love this club and I’m proud to say,
It’s Main Street Speakers all the way
“Toastmaster Awesome” that’s what we do
That’s why I know “This Club’s for you”

A club like ours, will help you soar
Mentor, encourage, and so much more
There is much to do and much to say
So come let’s do it, the Toastmaster way.

Dena Jackson, Treasurer
Main Street Speakers, Club #1061347


Golden Triangle Toastmasters is composed of exceptional members from diverse backgrounds and professions. We all enjoy working together becoming better communicators and leaders. Meeting at lunchtime can be challenging. Our members are flexible and willing to “step into” roles as needed. Each meeting is delightful! We learn things about each other and from each other. Laughter seems to come easily with this group. Ralph Smedley (founder of Toastmasters) believed we learn better when having fun!
Over the past few months we have added a number of new and interesting members. We have also had international guests at our last 4 meetings. Two of them found us via the internet and two are the parents of one of our members. What an honor to have them visit and participate in our meetings!
We are a community club where visitors are always welcome. Why not come and experience one of our meetings?

Marylee D Mims,DTM, PDG
Golden Triangle Toastmasters Club #5297




Clearly Speaking Club 5440 is a great place to grow skills in leadership and public speaking. I have learned so much as a former president and VPE with the club. They are a great group of folks. Some of the members are new in the last few months and some have been with the club for decades. Our whole club pitched in on the Open House we held in August and we had over 25 visitors. Laura Jacobs, my mentee, was brave and gave her ice breaker speech for the crowd. We have two new members from that event. Clearly Speaking has given me a way to meet new people, to hone my skills, and to develop new skills. I LOVE MY CLUB!

Suanna Davis
Clearly Speaking Toastmasters, Club 5440



Abilene Advanced Speakers has not chartered yet, but we have been meeting and learning about Toastmasters anyway. We meet downtown and people come directly from work.
At our first Open House in July one of the visitors won Table Topics and is now on his third speech. Two members of the City Council are participating as are others who are new to Toastmasters. The speeches are top notch and the aspiring members are improving their already strong skills. It is an encouragement to be in a club that is committed to excellence.




Suanna Davis
Abilene Toastmasters Cub 1071, Club #1071



Out on the Town is a club with a savory ‘flavor’.  We have outstanding meetings while enjoying new places to eat.  We’ve grown this past year with lots of the original group as well as other ‘seasoned’ Toastmasters and ‘sprinkled’ in are a few newbies.  We pack in 4 amazing speeches and evaluations after we’ve enjoyed a meal and fellowship together.  We’re considered a specialty club and welcome more ‘special’ people to join us every second Saturday.  Check out our website to get details on our next meeting.   http://outonthetown.toastmastersclubs.org/  We meet the second Saturday evening of each month.

Diana Patton
Out On the Town, Club #897575


Off the Cuff is a unique club. Our roles are assigned, but the speakers receive their speech topics, which go along with our fun theme, at the meeting,. Speakers have five minutes to prepare their speeches and then present. We have a couple of extra roles that create an additional level of fun – Posture Monitor and Funmaster. We’re a specialty club and a great second club for those wishing to stretch their impromptu skills. We usually meet in a member’s home and bring a food item to share. If you are wanting to check out a second club, please visit out our website and join us for a meeting. We normally meet on the 4th Saturday, but double check the website: http://4354.toastmastersclubs.org





Diana Patton
Off the Cuff, Club #4354