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An anniversary is a time to celebrate the joys of today,

The memories of yesterday, and the hopes of tomorrow!

Here are clubs that have shared their Happy Charterversary celebrations!

Afterburners Club – Club #6191, Charter date: March 1, 1986

June 30th, Afterburners celebrated our 34 year Anniversary on Zoom.

  • presented charter member Tom Brents with the club’s original banner.
  • Presented Brenda Daniels with plaque
  • Presented Setma Maddox with gift
  • inducted 5 new members
  • installed our new officers. 
  • celebrated President’s Distinguished for the 19th straight year
  • over 24 new members
  • over 50 pathway levels achieved
  • over 3 DTMs achieved
  • district wide workshop on Social Media Strategies
  • winning the district 25 International Speech Contest.

Raise a glass…a toast… To 34 more years!!!

Fursey Gotuaco
Vice President Public Relations


Highway to Excellence  – Club 3332446, Charter date: June 28, 2013

Highway to Excellence had a ‘A Trip Down Memory Lane – 2013 edition’ at our monthly June 18, 2020 meeting.  Our Toastmaster, Kris, had tidbits of fun facts about 2013.  Great speeches by Chuck, Marylee and Theresa.  Marylee’s speech project was Present an Award.  Each member was awarded a chocolate sundae  (virtually).  Marylee was the Lt. Governor Marketing in 2012-2013 Toastmaster year when the club was chartered.

We had lots of charter members in attendance. In addition to the charter members who are still active in the club, we were thrilled to have  charter members Kathy Brewer and Michael Sheridan join us for this special celebration.

Three past presidents of our club Michael (2014-2015), Kathy (2015-2016) and Bonne (2016-2017) answered Table Topics questions giving wise words and memories of their time with the club.  Bonne was District Governor when club chartered.  Her focus was “Explore the Possibilities”.

Our current president, Emily, gave the official toast – perfect touch!  Our after meeting workshop was extra special.   Shannon facilitated the workshop which included Emily’s toast and Q&A by members.  Highway to Excellence continues to be committed to excellence and fun!

Diana Patton, DTM
Vice President Public Relations


Out On The Town  – Club 897575, Charter date: May 22, 2006

Out On The Town Toastmasters Club celebrated our Charterversary by dining out on the town – Zoom edition!  Our theme was “A Delectable Celebration”.

We ‘Zoomed’ in at 6PM which is the time we normally would be arriving at a restaurant to share a meal with conversations and networking.

Our meeting began at 7PM.   Our first speech by Darlene Roberts was titled “Celebrating YOU-Out On The Town-14 Years Strong!”.  She shared lots of great history about the club.  It set the tone of the meeting with each member ready to Toast our 14th Charterversary with charter members, members, current District 25 Trio (Jamie, Chris & Bobby)  and other Toastmasters from around the world.  Our Toast was led by David Martin, Past District Governor 2010-2011.

We had a wonderful meeting!

Diana Patton, DTM
Vice President Public Relations


Panther City  – Club 4716146, Charter date: May 15, 2015


Panther City, named for a popular moniker of the city we call home, Fort Worth, has quickly risen to be the pride of Fort Worth. Known for its powerful contestants, focus on education and commitment to fun, Panther City has held true to the traditions of Toastmasters. Even in its five years, a number of District 25’s who’s who have darkened our doors. Born from a chance meeting at a Fort Worth Chamber function, Panther City was a joint effort of Buffalo West restaurant owner Paul McKinney and Steven Timmons, both founders. The club proceeded to charter on May 15, 2015 and we have focused on our members need ever since. We are proud members of District 25 and hope to serve the district for many years to come.

Steven Timmons, DTM
Vice President Education


Once Upon A Time – Club 6103644, Charter date: March 10, 2017


Three years ago a very creative Toastmaster came up with a Novel Idea!  It was to merge a passion for Toastmasters and a desire for motivation to read.  She talked to a few like-minded Toastmasters and like most things Joyce Trimble sets her mind to, “Bob’s your uncle”, Once Upon a Time Toastmaster Book Club came into being.   We created a Charterversary tradition in that we invite Toastmasters, who are authors, to visit our club as Toastmaster.  The first year Robi Ley joined us and led the discussion regarding her book “Terror by Night”.  The second year, Toastmaster Dana Morgan-Barnes, flew all the way from the middle of nowhere to lead us in a discussion of her book “You Have the Power of Kindness”.  This third year we decided to do something a little different.  We invited a local Emmy winning film writer and author to join us.  Marshall Riggan is not a Toastmaster, but his daughter Kelly Pelkey, is a charter member of Once Upon a Time, and she agreed to be Toastmaster and lead the virtual discussion of his book, “The Last Traveler”.     We were honored with two Ice Breakers that day, from Jeni Malla and Mike Schellen, which fit right in the story that is filled with adventure and personal discovery.  Our guest author was awarded an Author of the Year trophy.

Joyce Trimble, DTM


MidCities Achievers – Club 7694, Charter date: March 25, 2002


Dear District 25,

Good afternoon, My name is Isleen Rodriguez. We had about 17 members attending Charterversary ( 18 Years ) & Open House ? ? for Toastmasters MidCities Achivers #7694 on ?Zoom Online was held on  April 20th @ 630pm . It was a fun event for all members while we were all safe in our homes.

Isleen Rodriguez
Vice President Membership


Roanoke Texas Toastmasters Club – Club 4236, Charter date: January 27, 2003

District 25 Leadership!

I am excited to share with you the outcome of the Roanoke Texas Toastmasters Club Open House on January 13, 2020. It was GRAND!  In addition to the Open House, we took the time to celebrate our club’s Charterversary, 17 years strong!  It was a wonderful evening shared with past members, club members, visiting club members, district leaders and of course, our valued guests!  We packed our small room with 29 attendees.  We have one new club member, and several who took guest folders.  Woohoo!  We enjoyed good food (with CAKE), a fun filled, educational meeting, and delightful conversation with all.

Thank you District 25 for giving the charge to clubs to take time to celebrate their club and extend it to our community!

Tammy Kasterke
President Roanoke Texas Toastmasters Club


Six Twenty Nine Toastmasters – Club 629, Charter date: November 1, 1984


Six Twenty Nine Toastmasters Club chartered November 1, 1984. We celebrated our 35 year anniversary Saturday, November 23, 2019. Hooray!|

We had two  guest speakers. Our agenda was to hold a meeting, play games and have fun. Our first item was to “Toast” our club. Prizes were given for “Best Toast” and to thank the speakers on this special occasion.

There was laughter, good speeches, great mind provoking games and the icing on the cake was the attendance of our Club Growth Director Bobby Madera. His attendance was very appreciated.  It was great to be able to share our club matters with him on a one-on-one basis.

We welcome you to visit every 4th Sunday at 6:29 p.m., especially if you are seeking a second club.

Ernestina Piñones
Member Six Twenty Nine Club


Burleson Toastmasters Club – Club 706449, Charter date: October 20, 2004

The Burleson Toastmasters Club celebrated an Open House and 15 years of existence! With sixteen guests and all but 2 members in attendance, we had a full house, full bellies, and full hearts!

We were fortunate enough to have a Charter Member of the club present with John Duke Smith celebrating along with seasoned and new Toastmasters!
The Burleson Club is active, fun, and supportive! We proudly celebrate 15 years of service to members in the Burleson Community! Burleson Toastmasters Club meets Monday at 6:30 pm at the Burleson Area Chamber of Commerce.

Ninfa Flewitt
Member Burleson Toastmasters Club


Alliance Networks Club – Club 5718, Charter date: September 1, 1997

Our theme: Be Our Guest (open house too!)

We had a wonderful meeting – amazing members, strong speakers, well run meeting!

Here is poem written and read by Fredrick Byerly at end of his Table Topics questions.


We’re touched in many ways by the people that we meet,
Our lives are often shaped by the words in which they speak.

Now if it is repeated to drive their message through,
It won’t impede our thinking unless we deem it’s true.

Whether it be true or not, that is not the case,
The point is that our memories aren’t easily erased.

The motive of their words can’t always be conceived,
Yet, it starts to impact the moment we believe.

So, let us carefully receive the words that others may say,
Seize those that shape and mold for us a better way.

The ones like, “You’re the best!” “Great job!” “You nailed it!”
Send back the negative to its source because it does not fit.

Build for ourselves a platform that enables us to fly,
Reach for the stars, the sky’s the limit, don’t settle for less, aim hi!

As we increase our progress, give thanks to up above,
We would not be where we are if it weren’t for our Toastmasters Club.

Fredrick Byerly
Member Alliance Networks


Something to Talk About – Club 5518497, Charter date: September 15, 2016

Our theme: Charterversary

The club had a celebration on 9/24/2019. The title of the meeting was “Charterversary”. It was the third anniversary of the club and was the open house. I feel that the club met the criteria for a Golden Gavel Award. There was sign up table and a member was standing at the door to greet each guest as they entered. There were 8 visitors at the meeting. The meeting started and finished on time. Each member and guest had a name tag or badge. Each person was given a printed agenda and it was followed. More than 75% of members were present.

There were two speeches given each met with applause. One was Innovative Planning Level 1 Speech #3 and the other was Visionary Communication Level 1 Speech #3. First given by new member and the second a member that has been with the club from the start. A very good evaluation was given after each speech. Table topics were on target and went along with the theme of the meeting. Each speaker was met with positive recognition after the speech.

Sandra Starr
Area Director &
Member of Something to Talk about

NCTCOG – Club 3017469, Charter date: June 25, 2013

Our theme: Interstellar

NCTCOG Toastmasters celebrated our 6 years as a club with decorations and guests! Our meeting theme, Interstellar, went perfectly with the celebration, as we should always strive to dream big. With some of our founding members present, we had a great time recognizing our history and looking forward to the future. We were honored to have our Area Director, Bill Hanke, present to in our meeting and celebration. Our charterversary celebration (Charted in June, but celebrated in September) has fallen during the busiest time of year for our staff, so we had a small but mighty group in attendance. We are also in the middle of a remodel, so our meeting was floated to a room we aren’t often in. One thing is for certain, our members have become masters of adapting and overcoming!

We are happy to have made it six years and are looking forward to making it a strong seven this year.

Alayna Payne
Club President

Southlake Club – Club 4987, Charter date: August 1, 1996

Our theme was: Happy Birthday All!!

Every Monday at 6:45AM members of our Southlake Club (along with guests nearly every meeting) are waiting for the front door of Southlake Town Center to click open.  September 16, 2019 was even more exciting.  Our Toastmaster of the Day (Elizabeth Kupferman) had a special meeting planned.  It turned out we celebrated Darryl Day’s birthday along with Elizabeth’s too as well as (a bit delayed) our club’s birthday.

Meeting was complete with decorations (special crown for Elizabeth), mini cupcakes and what would a celebration be without a little box of ‘emergency confetti’ for each member present.

Each piece of meeting supported the ‘birthday’ theme including word of the day ‘commemorate’.

Here is inspiration read by Nicole Smith-Woodard that added icing to the cake so to speak.

“Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. We ask ourselves, Who am I to be brilliant, gorgeous, talented, fabulous? Actually, who are you not to be? You are a child of God. Your playing small does not serve the world. There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won’t feel insecure around you. We are all meant to shine, as children do. We were born to make manifest the glory of God that is within us. It’s not just in some of us; it’s in everyone. And as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. As we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

– By Marianne Williamson

Happy Birthday: Darryl, Elizabeth and especially Southlake Toastmasters Club!

Diana Patton
Member Southlake Club

Arlington Nooners Toastmasters Club – Club 7514, Charter date: June 1, 1989

Our theme was: Celebrating 30 Years!

It was with great joy and all-around-excitement that Arlington Nooners celebrated 30 years of building confident speakers, communicators, and leaders through club meetings on June 24, 2019.

As a founding member, Dan Hartman gave a fun and informative look at the changes in Toastmasters over the past 30 years. One of our newer members, Tammy Dean, entertained us with her speech on the benefits of Toastmasters in her own personal life.

President, Cassie Bullock, and VP Education (and recent DTM), Sara Beall, and Area Director Alex Conrad led the club well in celebrating such a great accomplishment.

The celebration was enjoyed all! Present and former members shared stories of encouragement, respect, and instruction.

Special thanks to Dee Dee Seidule and those who helped make our 30th anniversary celebration a success! Dee Dee organized a great event!

Affiliated with Toastmasters International, Arlington Nooners Toastmasters has earned the President’s Distinguished Club award for 2017-2018 and we have earned it 18 years in a row. Become a confident speaker in a safe, friendly atmosphere. Visitors are ALWAYS welcome!

Michelle Debenport
Vice President Public Relations
Arlington Nooners Toastmasters Club

Mr. Cooper Speaks – Club 3349691, Charter date: August 9, 2013

Our theme was: Celebrating You: 6 Years Strong

Mr Cooper Speaks is a thriving corporate club.  On August 28th, the club commemorated the anniversary of the charter with a Charterversary meeting.  The only way to celebrate this occasion was to have DTM and the last active charter member Joyce Trimble serve as the Toastmaster.  Whenever you let Joyce drive you know you are in for a great adventure and she did an amazing job with our event.

We were thankful to have two wonderful speakers , Vanessa Rivera and DTM Kelly Pelkey, address our audience with reasons to join Toastmasters and the places you can go with it.  The Vice-President of Education lead in raising our glasses to toast our club (apple juice, you have to remember it is a corporate club).  We had many great guests to support and celebrate our club.  Robbi Ley, Immediate Past Director, and Dana Dillard, an executive vice-president of Mr Cooper (how is that for name dropping) and many other District TM and corporate dignitaries were in attendance.  Our EVP Dana Dillard was presented with a D25 service coin by Immediate Past Director Robbi Ley and DTM Joyce Trimble was presented with an engraved gavel as a token of appreciation for her service and leadership to the club for the past six years.  Joyce even lead us in a “Celebrating You: 6 Years Strong” chant.

Andres Aguilar

ARBOR Toastmasters – Club 2474402, Charter date: June 6, 2012

Our theme was: National Radio Day

ARBOR Toastmasters is a strong group of club members that still holds many of its chartered members after 7 strong years. We continuously strive for growth, accomplishments and encouraging words, as individuals, as well as a club! Our Sgt. At Arms, Jarron Lewis started off the meeting with the club mission statement, reminding us all how truly supportive and positive our club really is! We had one speaker, Kevin Walsh. Kevin’s speech was titled “Nine Dollars and Sixty One Cents”. This was a persuasive speech from the Pathways educational path. Kevin persuaded his listeners to be aware of our costs, money going in and money going out. Judy Hearn presented us with the Table Topic questions, where April Smith and Jarron Lewis answered questions about their experience with listening and learning from the radio. President, Jan Peterson ended our meeting with a celebration of 7 strong years for ARBOR Toastmasters! Cake was had and enjoyed by all! We love to celebrate our club and our individual successes!

April Smith
VP Public Relations

Waco Texas Toasters – Club 5529749, Charter date: June 1, 2016

Waco Texas Toasters Turn 3 – The celebration focused on FOOD, Fun and Fellowship

Our theme was: Celebration and our Word of the day was: Transmogrify – To Transform some other person or thing as if by magic.

That truly describes the transformations I have seen take place over the last three years as our club and each of its members have transformed and grown.   Our President Tina S. kicked off the meeting and Linda B.  (Last Year’s President) served as our toastmaster for the day, starting us off with a rousing cheer. Malinda A. was presented her Competent Leader Certificate. Each of the three speeches presented where accompanied with power point presentations.  3 club member accomplishments were recognized. Janice G.  recently received her Master’s Degree, Tiffany P received her Associates Degree and Melanie S recently received a promotion at work to Supervisor.  Table Topics Master Jathon W.  continued the celebration theme with questioned focused on making the impossible- Possible.   Waco Texas Toasters is a Great Club, filled with Great Members who know how to celebrate.

Melanie Pantoja
Member of Club & Area 45 Director

Westlake Toastmasters – Club 7050056, Charter date: July 17, 2018

Westlake Toastmasters celebrated their 1st Charterversary on July 25th 2019 with cake, applause and laughter.   In the picture, Scharlette Donald got a certificate for finishing Pathway Level 1! Rightmost in the picture, Michelle Johnson the founding president and our fearless leader in her spectacular suit.  Sheba Panicker, the club mentor who served the BEST VPE ever for the first year, presenting the certificate to Scharlette. The gentleman in the picture is Lawrence Reid, who is our Area Director. Godfred Ahuma gave a prepared speech and got one step closer to his DTM, with Chad Wilson served as his evaluator.  The meeting had four visitors, with Pramod Dabas joining as our newest member! Hooray for small but mighty Westlake Toastmasters!

Crystal Dong
Vice President Education

Off the Cuff – Club 4354, Charter date: July 26, 2001

Happy Charterversary to Off the Cuff 4354! Greg welcomed members and four guests to our potluck dinner and meeting with the theme “All Things Summer.” Tracy and Bill E. sang “Summer Nights,” and President Bill S. invited members to sign our congratulatory Charterversary letter. Funmaster Fursey led the cheers with YES, HOMERUN, and FIREWORKS variations as members shared favorite summertime memories. Table Topics Master Mike W. and Toastmaster Tracy continued the summertime theme. Each speech in this club is truly off the cuff. The Toastmaster distributes the topics, and speakers have five minutes to prepare! Speakers Liz, Greg, Reggie C., and Reggie M. delivered outstanding speeches, followed by insightful evaluations. Posture Monitor Susan reminded us that we must be mindful of our body language. What a great way to spend Summer Nights!

Bonne Stroman, DTM
Club Immediate Past President