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Procedure for District Alignment


The current Policy and Protocol section on alignment can be found in Protocol 7.0 District Structure, Club Assignments.  Area and division organization is defined and described in Article XII, Sections 1, 3(b), and 3(e) of the Bylaws of Toastmasters International and in Article VI of the District Administrative Bylaws. Information pertaining to alignment can also be found in the District Leadership Handbook.

The task of aligning the clubs, areas and divisions within the district is the responsibility of the district alignment committee. The district alignment committee is a group of district members appointed by the district director and led by the alignment chair. The alignment chair ensures the committee prepares an alignment proposal and submits it to the district executive committee prior to the district council meeting.

After the District Executive Committee approves the proposed alignment, the District Council will vote on its adoption at the Annual Meeting.