BECOME THE ONE to GROW and put forth your new life!

BECOME THE ONE to GROW and put forth your new life!

by Joyce Trimble DTM Annual Conference Volunteer Chair

What are your plans to Becoming the One? Your club will soon be electing new officers for 2022-23.  Your district needs Area Directors. Your district needs YOU. Your club needs YOU. The members you touch while Growing Your Influence will forever be grateful and call your name and describe the impact you made. You may never know, or you may learn months/years later. It does happen and when it does, you…make that I….am humbled and committed to Be The One.

With the D25 Conference only  weeks away, a big thank you to many who said have said YES to growing their Influence by serving as a volunteer. Yes, we all volunteer our time and energy! And the annual conference provides additional growing opportunities for everyone!

You may never see the volunteers dedicated to your experiences at the conference, but you will experience their hard work.

  • Zoom Masters, chaired by Bob Beideck, will coordinate all virtual presentations to coordinate with the audiences.
  • Chat Masters, chaired by Rosario Jasminoy, will ensure our virtual attendees are engaged in conversations through each session.
  • Set Up AND Clean Up Volunteers, chaired by Alberto Pineda,  will assist the Facilities Chair, Alex Conrad, to ensure set up and break down  of rooms and audio equipment..
  • Meal Ticket Volunteers, chaired by Jill Morrison, will accommodate entry when family meals are served.

Each Chair needs more volunteers. Say YES and Become The One!  Volunteer here!