D25 Speakers Bureau Showcase

D25 Speakers Bureau Showcase

by Liz Brenner DTM

Recently, the District 25 Speakers Bureau held an open house to showcase their talent. And boy, did they ever do that!

The D25 Speakers Bureau is made up of members from D25 Toastmasters clubs, representing the most outstanding public speakers in the organization. This event demonstrated the wide skill set of this talented group and included educational speeches, informational speeches, inspirational speeches, and a whole lot of humor.

Members of this elite bureau receive many benefits. D25 Speakers Bureau members are often invited to speak at community events. Speakers can’t accept payment while representing the Toastmasters organization, but it is an opportunity to create a professional speaking repertoire and develop it into a lucrative, paying career.

The hallmark of the Speakers Bureau is the Speakers Lab. In a Speakers Lab, several bureau members will gather to evaluate one particular speaker. This is more intense than a club evaluation. In the Speakers Lab, the speech will be repeated many, many times. Detailed evaluations and critiques are given for each delivery until the speaker is satisfied with the presentation. The Speakers Lab turns very good speakers into excellent speakers.

If you are interested in booking one of our speakers for your event, or if you are interested in auditioning to join the Speakers Bureau, please visit our website.