February Club Reporter-You Can If You Think You Can, Panther City Toastmasters

February Club Reporter-You Can If You Think You Can, Panther City Toastmasters

by JILL MORRISON, DTM #clubreporter

Do you remember that meeting when nothing seemed to come together? Maybe you experienced winter weather like we did recently or members unable to attend due to that weather, internet issues or illness. Panther City had one of those meeting recently and yet had a warm and inviting tete-a-tete (also known as a meeting). Members embodied the message of ‘You Can If You Think You Can’ making this meeting work for them.

We heard a wonderful speech about family lineage sparked by a trip to Branson Missouri. Mementos and a genealogy book written in 1943 uncovered family connections to the Civil War and Texas Revolution making this speech come to life. A true Texas family has been uncovered. Have you traced your family tree?

Table topics brought out opinions on water cooler conversations, small town gossip and the theme ‘You Can If You Think You Can’. What are your thoughts on water cooler conversations? Do you think they bring out the best or worst in people? And have you ever lived in a small town? They do come with familial connections, but people tend to know everything about you. And finally, do you subscribe to the belief if you think you can, you can? I saw that this club definitely does!

The meeting wrapped up with a warm evaluation outlining the positives of talking about personal experiences and a long Texas lineage. Do you know where your family comes from?

If you are looking for a club who believes they think they can and make it happen, check out Panther City.