Networking with #Nemileta9

Networking with #Nemileta9

by Emily Murray DTM Club Growth Director

You’ve heard the term, but what the heck is it? And what is a Nemileta and why are we networking for it? This incentive is the only way to earn a district focus pin this year — besides serving in district leadership. How do you earn it?

Mark Wednesday, February 23 from 6-7pm on your calendar for a unique panel presentation.

Join us as we chat with the first five people to earn the Nemileta Networking Nine: Chuck Mencke, Ernestina Piñones, Sallie Spradlin-Jett, Celeste Castro, and Lila Shrestha. Our panelists learned a lot through the process and have much to share with you!

  • Perhaps you’ve heard of the incentive but aren’t really sure what it is.
  • Perhaps you want to know more about it and how it can benefit you.
  • Maybe you think it is hard/complicated/time-consuming and want to know how to make it doable.
  • Maybe you’re just curious why people are pursuing this award.
  • Perhaps you’re worried there isn’t enough time to get it done before June 30.
  • Maybe you just don’t really see how all this extra work can benefit your club.
  • How does the networking part of it work, anyway?

Attend the Nemileta Networking Nine Panel Discussion for Answers to YOUR Questions.

Questions are pre-set, but time will be allotted for open Q&A as well.

Already visited nine clubs and collected screenshots of the role you filled?

Submit for your award here.

We look forward to seeing you!