New Strategic Planning Committee Formed

New Strategic Planning Committee Formed

by Bonne Stroman, DTM

Recently a new committee has convened in order to assist District leaders and to support the mission of the district: We build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.

The Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) has as its primary objective to develop a plan that assists District leaders with achieving and maintaining District growth. The focus of the SPC will be to analyze, assess, and understand the current status of District 25 and to assist District leaders in creating a vision for the future growth. Some priorities of the SPC will include mentoring current leaders, identifying and developing future leaders, creating a five-year plan for District growth, and assisting with the marketing plan.

The committee is advisory only and does not take on the responsibilities of the District trio. One problem that District leaders face is that trio terms last but a single year, yet planning for future years is not only desirable but also necessary for optimum success. Current leaders are so consumed by the details of running the day-to-day operations of the District that it is difficult to find sufficient time for future planning. The District 25 Strategic Planning Committee is charged with developing a strategic plan to support the leaders of District 25 in their pursuit of the District mission.

At present, the committee has drafted a charter document and planned for the presentation of the initial Strategic Plan to the District Trio and the District Executive Committee. The committee is also seeking interested individuals to serve on the committee in the future.

Current members include Chairman PDD Jamie Pickering, Kelsey Dean, Mike Kinser, Setma Maddox, Ross Moore, PDD Chris Raneri, and PDG Bonne Stroman. For further information, visit our webpage or contact the committee at