How Does Completing Pathways Projects Improve Speaking?

How Does Completing Pathways Projects Improve Speaking?

by Steven Timmons DTM

Do you take the time to read your Pathways project BEFORE you deliver your speech?  Do you find it a challenge to take the 30 minutes or less to read the topic because you are too busy?  The project content provides a roadmap to help each of us deliver a speech and is worth the 30 minutes to read for both new and experienced speakers.

Without a plan or map it is hard to reach your destination. It’s not impossible, but will the result be the best that it can be – likely not.  Pathways projects provide information related to a specific skill or technique, including developmental directions.  Examples of skills and abilities to develop – use better gestures, provide better evaluations, identify the impact or benefits of networking, blogging, or creating a podcast.  The projects rely upon your unique experiences and knowledge because they provide just enough information to allow you to create speeches related to your personalities and capabilities.

I have accessed my online Pathways curriculum while at the airport waiting to board a plane, sitting at home waiting for my program to start, and early in the morning when I can absorb the content with a fresh mind.  Pathways can be accessed 24/7 anyplace that you have internet access.  Most projects take approximately 30 minutes to read.  After reading the project and doing the task such as serving as an officer for 6 months or completing a project to benefit your club, you get to deliver a speech to your fellow club members on your experience – what did you learn, what challenged you, or anything you choose.  The speech can be informative, instructional, or humorous – again the choice is up to you.

In a minimal amount of time, you can access your Pathways curriculum on your schedule then deliver a speech based on your experience.  What could be easier?  Are you ready to begin your next project?