D25 Speakers Bureau Open House Showcase

D25 Speakers Bureau Open House Showcase

by Calvin Dorsey DTM Speakers Bureau Chair

Let’s Party! You are invited to the first Open House Showcase of the D25 Speakers Bureau on Sunday February 27th from 1pm-4pm. Join the celebration on Zoom to enjoy Real Stories for Real Change. Members of the Speakers Bureau and professional speakers will share stories and present mini workshops revealing secrets for success that everyone can acquire.

Featuring door prizes and speakers galore plus a whole lot more… Have fun and learn the finer points of how you can become a better communicator and leader. Walk away with a clear idea of what you can do to get better. … along with a roadmap for developing your skills.

Find out about the benefits of membership in the D25 Speakers Bureau and why its members are excited to be a part of the team. Now is a great time because auditions are scheduled for February 22nd.

Send an email to: speakersbureau@d25toastmasters.org to express your interest and schedule your audition.

Enjoy the D25 Toastmasters experience as we share the secrets of how to write and deliver a compelling speech, the keys to benefiting from the D25 Toastmasters experience and make it work for you, and how to become the leader that’s within you… How to BECOME the One.

One of the most amazing aspects of the District 25 experience is the hard work and passion of its members on the Club Level. Since the Clubs are the lifeblood of Toastmasters, the D25 Speakers Bureau Open House Showcase is designed to provide useful tools you can use immediately to conduct higher quality meetings by providing more value, increase your membership, and collaborate effectively within the district and the communities we serve.

Come to the D25 Speakers Bureau Open House Showcase where we will be Celebrating You!!!

REGISTER HERE: https://www.eventbrite.com/e/254549553567