November – Inspired by You

November – Inspired by You

What do you Dare to Dream?

by Ninfa Flewitt DTM District Director

Who remembers the 2019 Conference theme, Dare to Dream?  What is your dream? What do you dream about becoming when you grow up?

As we grow, our dreams change. Our goals change.  As a child, I wanted to learn to drive. As a teen, I wanted to be a journalist, I really wanted to be Gloria Campos. Some of you will get that reference; she was a TV News anchor and I wanted to be her! As a twenty-something, I wanted to be a mom.  In my early 30s, I wanted to open a Coffee House and now in my late 40s I want to be a licensed sport pilot!  My goals changed with age.

Our Toastmasters Goals change as well.  In our early days, our goals may be to learn to write a speech and present a speech.  We focus on what WE get out of our membership.

Then we step into leadership and take on an officer role.

My journey began as I was the charter club president of Something to Talk About.  Then someone tapped me on the shoulder, and said, “You should be an Area Director.” Until then, the thought never crossed my mind! Soon, I earned my DTM and served as Conference Chair.  I ran for Division A Director, then someone gave me a call and said, “You should run for PQD.”  Now, I serve as District Director.   Not bad for someone who, in 2016, had NO IDEA that these Toastmaster goals were a thing or even that they were in her future!

If you attended the Summit, you had the opportunity to join us for a Leadership Panel where some of these leadership roles and many others were discussed. Check the home page for information about running for elected office or information about the other leadership opportunities are available in District 25.

Set your goals, dare to dream, and envision yourself accomplishing your goals!

District 25, I challenge you to step away from your comfortable space and push yourself into action. Surround yourself with people who want your success and who will help keep you accountable! Give some thought to what special set of skills YOU can use to serve District 25 and our members!

If not you, then who?  As always, I am Inspired by YOU!