Winter TLI Supplemental Sessions Synopsis and Dates

Winter TLI Supplemental Sessions Synopsis and Dates

By Sundra Smith, DTM, TLI Chair


So, You’re A Club Officer (NEW)Focuses more on why each office is important to a successful club, how each office is linked to the other offices, solving issues that may arise in each office, and providing the participants more time to share their experiences.  Interactive participation will be highlighted.  TLI Dates:  Dec 4th; Jan 8th

Contest: Planning & Organizing A Contest (NEW):  There are many moving parts to organizing a Toastmasters Speech Contest.  Come learn what it takes to plan and run a successful contest. Many key contest roles will be discussed, so bring your questions!!  TLI Dates:  Dec 10th; Jan 14th

SuPERSMART Goals (NEW):  Reviews the Distinguished Club Plan, the Club Success Plan, and Moments of Truth and provides their benefit for the clubs.  Expounds on why it is important to not only know the members’ education goals, but their “why” for joining.  Emphasizes the importance of goal setting and provides steps on how to make a SuPERSMART goal.  TLI Date:  Jan 30th

Zoom Mastery 101 (REFINED):  Designed to help members familiarize themselves with Zoom technology and get members the answer to questions on how to do basic and some advanced functions with an end goal that this will result in a better overall club meeting, members and guests’ experience.  TLI Date:  Feb 3rd

Pathways 101:  Provides fundamental information that can help any member maximize his/her path and to provide guidance for navigating Pathways.  TLI Dates:  Dec 4th; Jan 14th; Jan 30th; Feb 5th

Pathways 102:  Provides basic information for a Base Camp Manager from login to assessing member progress to printing reports.  It includes the structure of Pathways and submitting awards.  TLI Dates:  Dec 10th; Feb 3rd

Chief Judge Training:  Designed to help members understand the role of a Contest Chief Judge, see the administrative side to a contest from the briefings to ballot counting and much more.  You will learn how to handle a protest and ensure the contests are fair and fun for all.  TLI Dates:  Jan 6th; Feb 3rd

Judges Training:  Participants will learn what it takes to be a Contest Judge, understand the difference between evaluating a speech versus judging a speech, and gain an understanding of the three judging categories.  The Contest Rules will be discussed and how they apply as well as much, much more.  TLI Dates:  Jan 8th; Jan 28th; Feb 5th

Club Coach Training:  Designed to inspire and train those who are or want to be club coaches and work with struggling clubs to help bring them back into good standing through membership building assistance and club culture changes among other methods.  TLI Dates:  Dec 4th; Jan 28th

Club Quality & Mentors Training:  Designed to inspire and train those who are or want to be new club and work with brand new chartered clubs to lead them into good practices, good standing, good membership, good club culture among other things.  TLI Dates:  Dec 10th; Jan 30th

Corporate Clubs Training:  Designed to inspire and educate those who have relationships with Corporate/Organizational programs whether they are a member, a coach, a mentor, an AD, or thinking about starting or joining one.  This course helps the members understand the unique areas of relationship building with the host organization as well as the differences in club culture and practices.  TLI Dates:  Jan 6th; Jan 14th