A Plinth In The Corner – Dive in for the Icebreaker

A Plinth In The Corner – Dive in for the Icebreaker

by Dr. Prince Motiani, DTM

Welcome back, fellow D25 Toastmasters!

First things first: how am I going to proceed in this corner? I shall divide these write-ups into three sections. First, I’ll tell you a little about the project I intend to cover. Then I shall progress to tell you the how to present it at an in-person meeting followed by a few dos for presenting that same project in an online meeting. Lastly, I’ll add what I see as a best practice in a hybrid meeting.

Let’s start with the first project of every Toastmaster and the first of every path. It is known to be the easiest of all, but it is paradoxically and simultaneously, the toughest of all projects for newbies and seasoned Toastmasters alike. It is, of course, the Icebreaker.

The trick is to come up with a set of keywords that define you — your life. Build a speech around those words. Writing in chronological order will require you to edit out the less important moments which can be very difficult.

If you want to leave your audience with a lasting memory — whether online, in person, or hybrid — this modus operandi will make your speech unique. You are no one else, and no one else is you. Your keywords will be exclusive to you.



In terms of voice, do this simple breathing exercise beforehand. Last but not least, face your audience whilst you speak. In a hybrid meeting, place the camera at the T-junction in the middle of the front row or behind the last row, and zoom in to cover the speaking area.

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