October Club Reporter-Falling into Fall with Six Twenty Nine Club!

October Club Reporter-Falling into Fall with Six Twenty Nine Club!

by JILL MORRISON, DTM #clubreporter

This monthly club is a fun-filled toastmaster family full of knowledge. First on stage was visitor speaker Joyce Trimble, also known as the Oops Chef, providing us with her humorous and resplendent rendition of how she learned 3 key lessons of life with a Christmas dinner oops: Be clear and concise, how you say things are important and when you have nothing nice to say it’s better to say nothing at all.

Next up on stage was Ebony Bradley giving her second Toastmasters speech on Pathways 101. This novice Toastmaster gave an advanced and very thorough explanation of how to navigate pathways projects.  And finally, Greg Pick continued a speech he began last month reveling us with implicit aspects of Pathways that were more obvious in the traditional education program.

In addition to some great speeches, we had two very deep table topics provided by Ade Bimpe. Winnie Hunter explained why having more time is more important than more money, reminding us that we never know how much more time we have. Joyce Trimble shared with us her view on why working from home is much more enjoyable and time-saving than traveling to an office. And rounding out the meeting were some very uplifting evaluations, giving 5-star Yelp reviews of the prepared speeches.

Not only is this club Cool Cat Approved

but worthy of an overall 5-star Yelp review as well.

By Jill Morrison, DTM
Club Reporter