SEPTEMBER – Inspired by You!

SEPTEMBER – Inspired by You!

District Director  Ninfa Flewitt DTM

District 25, you inspire me!  We have had many opportunities to grow and share with each other and I love what I am seeing!

You are embracing this year’s focus, by supporting each other and cheering each other on to excellence!   I have been invited to open houses and special events and I continue to see familiar faces at every turn!

There is an excitement in the air as we cheer on our members who complete levels, paths, and goals they set for themselves!  We have 2 new incentives this year! The Nemileta Networking Nine and Intentionally Inspirational.  The goal is to encourage you to step outside of your club, get to know more Toastmaster friends, while sharing energy and enthusiasm across the district! You get a pin or a Ribbon, but more than that, you will learn from each club you visit, and they will learn from you!  I am thrilled to see clubs posting on social media, asking for visitors to take on a role and even more than that, my heart bursts when I see our friends, volunteering to fill those roles!  Your energy and excitement are contagious!

When we help each other, there is no stopping our family of Toastmasters in District 25!

Speaking of family… Did you hear that we have family dinner planned? Join the Trio every 3rd Wednesday at 6:30 pm (via Zoom) for dinner and chat. Lucky for you, you will not have to eat my cooking! These one-hour sessions will be our opportunity to get to know you better and your opportunity to get to know us!

We look forward to building those relationships with you all as I continue to be Inspired by YOU!