September Club Reporter-Nissan Toastmasters: We Are Family

September Club Reporter-Nissan Toastmasters: We Are Family

by JILL MORRISON, DTM #clubreporter

I was pleased to be able to attend a Nissan Toastmasters club meeting while they celebrated family. And what a toastmaster family they have! They had 28 people attending this meeting, a large number attending were guests. One member had 5 family members attend, another had 2 and the final one noted had 5 including her pets.

It was a fun filled meeting with two inspiring prepared speeches, 3 table topics questions and 2 awesome evaluations. The first speech was all about the speaker’s unique family which include not only blood-related members but non-blood related members. She reminded us how important those non-blood related members of our family can have such an impact on our lives. The second speech was the start to an awe-inspiring HPL project which will help all attendees to become better leaders. While this 13-week project will take only Nissan attendees through 11 leadership topics, perhaps we could convince Paul Olmstead to expand his project (or start another) that will be opened to the Toastmaster general population.

Moving into the extemporaneous section of the meeting, 3 attendees provided us with tales about their families. We heard about favorite childhood moments, a favorite event or function spent with family and a family member you like hanging with most. All fun and thought-provoking questions.

In the final section of the meeting, the two evaluators provided excellent evaluations with suggestions for improvement as well as challenges for future speeches. Don’t you want to become a member of this fun-filled family?

By Jill Morrison, DTM
Club Reporter