August Club Reporter -Westlake Toastmasters: Working Like A Dog during these Dog Days of Summer

August Club Reporter -Westlake Toastmasters: Working Like A Dog during these Dog Days of Summer

by JILL MORRISON, DTM #clubreporter


Westlake Toastmasters had a great meeting between working like dogs during these dog days of summer. Actually, the members in attendance were few. Many were off working or playing before school starts back. With only 5 members in attendance, a fully table topics meeting was planned but one of the newer members showed off his Toastmaster prowess with a back pocket speech. Go Anil!

Anil shared with us the myriad of uses Bermuda grass provides. Did you know walking barefoot at sunrise on Bermuda grass provides stress relief?  We found out it is also a natural preservative as well as provides relief of headaches. Anil also likened Bermuda grass to his family tree. Bermuda grass is hearty, everywhere and grows quickly making it “immortal” like his family tree. Is your family like Bermuda grass too?

This fun and informal group had a full meeting including tables topics with humor abundant. Jared shared why he thought the Pit-bull was the dog who worked the hardest. Kelley shared that working as an auto parts delivery person was barking up the wrong tree. Bantham explained how firing someone is “it’s a dog’s life” as this task is difficult and unpleasant. I shared how an old dog can’t learn new tricks when I explained my favorite type of dog was a cat!

Rounding out the meeting was a positive and encouraging evaluation with lots of positive thoughts provided and very useful suggestions for improvement.  If you want to attend a meeting that is the epitome of a model toastmasters meeting and like a dog with two tails, this is the club to visit.

Cool Cat approved.  <O <O — O <O