New Incentives – 2021-2022

New Incentives – 2021-2022

By Emily Murray, DTM, Club Growth Director


Hi Sunshines!

Are you like me? Do you like bling for yourself and bling for your club banner? Good!

We’ve taken a long hard look and decided as we come out of Covid isolation and Zoom burnout this year it’s important to focus on connection and support. In that spirit, we have revamped some of the district’s incentives and added a couple brand new ones! To get you going as soon as possible, I’m sharing them here.

We have two Brand New Incentives, one for individuals and one for clubs:

1.  New Individual Incentive: Nemileta Networking Nine – Visit 9 clubs in which you’re not already a member, serving in a role at each meeting.  Submit an agena or screen shot from each meeting reflecting which role you held and earn as Inspired by You district focus pin. – click here

2.  New Club Incentive: Intentionally Inspirational – 2 clubs must work together for this one! Have 2 or more members of each club join four consecutive meetings of the other club (2×48 meetings minimum total) and help.  Both clubs will earl Intentionally Inspirational ribbons.  Provide a brief write up of how the club worked together with both club presidents in the email submission. – click here


  • Joint Meetings – half the roles are club A and half the roles are club B
  • Contest – club A provides the judges and test speaker for Club B’s contests, and then switch
  • Activities – help each other organize and attend an open house; lead training workshops for each other, etc, etc, etc.

One new and exciting award – Hot Topics Flame of Awareness Award – When all 7 officers open monthly Hot Topics they will be recognized. – click here


The sky’s the limit!

The final two should be familiar from last year, but have been tweaked slightly:



1.  Inspiring Others (formerly Running Your Marathon) – click here
2.  Leading the Way (formerly Leave ’em in the dust) – click here

Find the full list of incentives on the D25 website. Go! Do! Earn! Share! Brag! – click here

I look forward to seeing what you can do this year. Please tag me when you post your achievements!

(In case you missed it: Nemileta — Ninfa/Emily/Marcheta — mashed up!)

Emily Murray, DTM
Club Growth Director 2021-2022