Ricky Landerman Memoriam

Ricky Landerman Memoriam

by Ninfa Flewitt, DTM Program Quality Director

When I got the news, my heart was saddened, not only for his family but for everyone who knew Ricky and counted him as a friend.

Ricky Landerman and I served as Area Directors together.  He served as Area Director for one of my clubs and I served as Area Director for one of his clubs.  This meant that we worked together to be sure we had club information for our respective reports. We were willing to help each other out finding helpers for contests as well. Ricky served as Toastmaster for one of my Area Contests and brought with him helpers and contestants.

Ricky was kind and always willing to help.  As my leadership journey continued, Ricky was the person I called on for information and to help make things happen within his clubs. He never made me feel like I was an imposition.

I will always remember the kind and helpful person who was Ricky Landerman.

Let us be sure we take the opportunity to let people know how much we appreciate them while we still have time.

District 25 sends our deepest condolences to Cari and the Landerman Family.