**Come Connect Now** District 25 Toastmasters Now on LinkedIn

**Come Connect Now** District 25 Toastmasters Now on LinkedIn

by Jesse Ford, DL3 Public Relations Manager

It is with great pleasure and excitement that we announce District 25 is back and now active on LinkedIn. If you have been in the District awhile or think you were already connected do not worry. The old page and all prior followers were systematically migrated to our new site. If you have never followed before then join us and join the fun.

But wait… What’s happening to Facebook? Why LinkedIn? Will there be anything different on LinkedIn that is not on other channels?


What happened to Facebook? Have no fear; District 25 is not moving away from Social Media and the already established pages and groups currently active will stay that way. The District 25 Bulletin Board and Group page as well as the VPPR Facebook group will still be available for anyone to be part of. We still want to see and encourage you to post and celebrate all your Open House pictures or hear when your members complete an education goal.


LinkedIn offers a chance for a more professional setting and is generally regarded by the industry as the “more serious” side of social media. What does that mean? Like Facebook you can create individual profiles and follow people. The main difference is the layout of the pages. It looks more like a virtual resume for each user rather than posted pictures of food, puppies, and other more social, casual activities. This allows working professionals new networking opportunities on a whole new level.


So now the ask… If you currently have a LinkedIn profile, we invite you to come “follow” the District page. If you do not, it is free and easy to create with your email address. Once you have a profile, “follow” the District page. But why? The difference is the LinkedIn page will have information communicated from the district with hopes of 3 big goals:

  1. Connect members to a place they can get information, articles, or event details in a platform easily shared with colleagues who may not be in Toastmasters.
  2. Advance the brand recognition of Toastmasters to the geographical region covered by D25.
  3. Information shared out from the district will be more informational and tailored toward an external audience.

Summed up the District wants to help you by having a professional place to get shared information but also for you to share with anyone not in Toastmasters.

We hope to see everyone connecting soon.  If you have any questions or concerns or are interested in being part of the team working behind the scenes, please feel free to reach out to me.

Link: https://www.linkedin.com/company/district-25-toastmasters