The Inaugural Club Membership Fair

The Inaugural Club Membership Fair

by Kelley Pelkey, DTM

Who knew that 300+ folks in District 25 had reached out to Toastmasters International for membership information, but never joined a club? Are you surprised that upon learning that little tidbit, one of our members had an “Aha moment”? Once again, the District 25 Creativity Queen “B”, Joyce Trimble, had an idea!

Why not create an event that would bring potential Toastmasters and District Clubs together? And if it works, it could be the first of many! This was the inception of the Inaugural Toastmaster Club Membership Fair. I received an email asking if I would be a participant and without really reading it, I said yes, because it was from Joyce. I am a yes-woman when it comes to Joyce.

At the planning meeting it didn’t take long for Joyce to clearly outline the objectives for the Club Fair. Guests would leave the Zoom meeting knowing how each club they visited would help them
* Speak and present compellingly
* Think quickly and clearly
* Become a strong leader
* Listen effectively.

Club Growth Director, Marcheta Gardner, kicked off the event at 1:30pm. Alex Conrad, as Sgt at Arms, performed his role masterfully, making sure all attendees made it to the correct room. A digital guest packet was available, as well as a link to the video, “What Can I Expect at a Toastmaster Meeting”.

My cohort, Jeni Mala and I, served in the Once Upon a Time break out room. We each took two of the discussion points and gave a 5-minute presentation (yes, we evaluated each other and got credit!) which left five minutes for discussion. Our guests took full advantage and asked lots of questions. I believe by the time it was all said and done, District 25 sent out three membership applications.

I am a yes-woman when it comes to Joyce. In 2016, when she invited me, a three-month Toastmaster to become VP of Education at our Corporate club, I said yes; that was the first time. When she challenged me to complete my DTM and receive the award, as she received hers, I said yes again. When she told me about her idea for a Toastmaster Book Club. When she started talking about the first District 25 Summit. Every time she asked, I said yes.

When it comes to Joyce Trimble, the District 25 Creativity Queen “B”, I suggest it is in your best interest to say yes.