A Joint Effort Benefits Everyone

A Joint Effort Benefits Everyone

by Ninfa Flewitt, DTM Program Quality Director

Recently I was asked to present at the Burleson Midday Rotary Club meeting about Toastmasters.  Like us, our local Rotary Club is excited about the partnership with Toastmasters and Rotary International.

Like any good Toastmaster, I brought a Toastmaster with me to do an evaluation, because we don’t want our speaking opportunities to go uncredited.  I brought Debi Lee, the current president of Burleson Toastmasters. She was able to network with people and we invited the Rotarians to join us in our club meetings.

I also used the speaking opportunity to invite both my General Manager and my immediate supervisor to be able to learn more about Toastmasters as well.  My GM actually got up and said, “Ninfa has invited me to her Toastmasters meetings before, but I thought it was like Tupperware.”  Funny, right? Nope! While I know I have explained how Toastmasters is a Communication and Leadership driven organization, I thought, “serious communication failing on my part!”  On a happier note, my GM said he would start finding ways to utilize skills he didn’t know I had.  Rotarians know that we are available, and we are looking for opportunities to join efforts and my bosses know that I have a specific set of skills that can be used within our organization. Win, Win!

The Burleson Toastmasters Club looks forward to joining with the Burleson Midday Rotarians to help them learn more about leadership and communication. Look for your local Rotary Club and see how joining efforts will benefit everyone in your community!