Speakathons – Update from TI

Speakathons – Update from TI

Toastmasters International to Club Presidents, VPE 8/25/20


August 25, 2020

Dear Club President and Vice President Education,

With the continuing and evolving impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, some members may still experience difficulties finding opportunities to present speeches in the club setting. As a club officer, you may occasionally encounter challenges with conducting meetings where there are enough participants to provide both speeches and effective evaluations. Many clubs have found success with holding Speakathons, where members can come together to solely focus on giving speeches to progress on their path.

To increase speaking opportunities for our members, the Board of Directors has decided to reinstate the following allowances regarding Speakathon events. Effective immediately and until June 30, 2021, the following modifications are in place:

  • A Speakathon is still a club-level event; however, a club may now partner with other clubs in their District to host the event.
    • Speaking opportunities must be provided to all clubs participating in the Speakathon.
    • Members may present and receive credit for only one speech at the event.
    • Each Speakathon must include speeches in the Pathways learning experience.
  • If members intend to participate in a Speakathon:
    • Ensure that the host and all participants have the appropriate resources (i.e., evaluation forms, timing devices, microphones, webcams, online meeting platform, etc.).
    • Evaluations may be provided in person or online while these modifications to the Speakathon guidelines are in effect.
  • At the District Director’s discretion, the District may decide to allow for the coordination of multi-club Speakathon events.
    • The District may appoint a coordinator to help organize groups of clubs for a Speakathon (similar to a Youth Leadership Program coordinator).
    • These events cannot be conducted as a District-, Division-, or Area-level event.

As restrictions on meeting in person have lessened in some countries and become stricter in others, we understand the impact of the pandemic on club meetings continues to vary. We applaud the tremendous flexibility and innovation of all our club officers as you have worked to provide a safe and engaging environment for your members to meet and continue working toward their communication and leadership goals.


Deepak Menon

Deepak Menon
International President
Toastmasters International