by Emily Murray, DTM Summit Chair

Summit is coming, Summit is coming! Put it on your calendars now- save Nov 7th so you can spend the day with your friends learning and growing so you can take 2 Steps Forward. There are 3 parts to the day-

We will kick the day off at 8:00 am with an Area Council Meeting. For an additional treat, Area Director’s, Club Presidents/VPEs/VPMs you will be inspired by Violetta Rios’ keynote speech.

Summit itself opens at 9:30 am – we have 12 ah-MAZE-ing educational sessions given by members of D25- we cover everything from social media PR techniques, to ways to upskill your evaluations, methods to add drama to your speeches, ways to improve your leadership skills, and much more! The afternoon keynote is D25’s very own Isaac Washington! At the end of the day we will have our Leadership Panel- find out about opportunities for you in district leadership and get your questions answered.

In the evening, we will have the world-famous, often imitated, never bettered D25 DTM Ceremony. Join us as we congratulate our members for their incredible achievement. The lovely Marylee Mims is our evening keynote, and you definitely don’t want to miss that. 

Other highlights- a RAFFLE (win things!!!), friends, networking and more. So much more! You can find info here:  Registration opens soon!

This year’s Summit is unique- it will be broadcast live from a professional studio, and 100% online, so join us from the comfort of your home. By the time it’s over you will be inspired and prepared to take your next 2 Steps Forward!


Agenda of the Day:
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8:00 Area Council Bridge opens

8:30 Area Council Welcome & Logistics

8:40 Morning Keynote – Keynote – Violetta Rios, “Your First Trial as Servant Leader”

9:00 Area Council meeting

9:30 Summit Bridge opens

10:00 Summit Welcome & Logistics

10:30 Education Sessions 1, 2, 3

11:30 Education Sessions 4, 5, 6

12:30 Afternoon Keynote – Keynote – Isaac Washington, “Becoming a World Changer”

2:00 Education Sessions 7, 8, 9

3:00 Education Sessions 10, 11, 12

4:00 Leadership Panel

5:30 DTM Practice

6:30 DTM Procession

6:45 Evening Keynote – DTM Dinner & Keynote – Marylee Mims, “Discover Your Next Adventure”

7:15 DTM Ceremony