How to Support Incarcerated Members in Adopting Pathways

How to Support Incarcerated Members in Adopting Pathways

by Jamie Pickering, DTM, District Director

The following was emailed to District Leaders, June 11, 2020


Dear District Leaders,

Over the past several months, there have been questions about Prison clubs continuing with Pathways or converting to Gavel clubs due to the end of the traditional education program. Therefore, a group of Prison club experts and board members formed a working group to identify best practices that could be shared across Districts, to offer support and decrease the need to convert to a Gavel club by June 30.

We are pleased to present a set of webinars that will be held on June 17th and June 18th  at 8:00 p.m. CT to provide Toastmasters members the opportunity to learn from our panel of Prison Club experts. These are dedicated members who understand the challenges and opportunities in supporting Prison Clubs and members who are incarcerated.

You may join one session or both. The first webinar is designed to introduce some of the familiar terms used within these unique clubs, and the second webinar will go in-depth regarding best practices.

These webinars are free and only available on these two dates. For privacy reasons, these sessions will not be recorded. So, tune in and listen to these experts live, ask your questions, and learn more about this wonderful opportunity to support incarcerated members in adopting Pathways and make a lasting impact on the community. You may also forward this to any other members who may be interested.

Please click this link to register:

Session 1 

Session 2:


Allan Edinger, District 7
Manal Fakhoury, District 84
Jon Greiner, District 54, Past International President
Debra Kroon, District 9
Jodi Randisi, District 58
Lark Doley, Immediate Past International President
Stefano McGhee, International Director
Carol Prahinski, International Director
Mohamad Qayoom, International Director
Naomi Takeuchi, International Director