D25 District Council Annual Business Meeting

D25 District Council Annual Business Meeting

By Kelsey Dean, SR2, Vice President Education First Command

Armed with a printed copy of the agenda, a glass of water, and not much else, I logged on to the business meeting about 30 minutes early. You know, to check my equipment and give myself plenty of time to work out any bugs before the meeting started. You can’t be too careful in 2020. I was able to get right in to the Zoom meeting, so I got to hear the prep work that would normally be going on behind the scenes. District Director, Jamie Pickering was going down the list of speakers doing sound check with each one. “Robi, you’re here, right?” “Allan, are you there?” “Can someone call Sean?” All seemed to be going well, and Jamie called the meeting to order right on time at 10:30 a.m. We had a crash course in how to raise our hand; the rules were read; and we were off to the races.

With almost 200 people in attendance, having us recite the District Mission together was a bit like herding cats, but we did it! One of the first orders of business was to approve the minutes from the last meeting with one small revision. The process was very orderly and efficient. The minutes were approved, and we moved on to the proposed alignment. This required a vote, so each member that was registered by the deadline got an email with the option to approve the proposal or not. The proposal was approved, and Allan Pickering breathed a sigh of relief.

Next came the leadership reports, and this is where I found out that Zoom meetings can be fun! I was signing along with Jamie as she sang a mashup of old sitcom taglines strung together to show all the accomplishments we’ve made in the last year. Did someone record that? We have to get that on YouTube! Or is it Instagram? Several of the reports were more somber but equally as informative. We’re celebrating you, 70 years strong!

Elections began, we elected a District Director, Program Quality Director, and a Club Growth Director, and the Division Directors, all the leaders that I know will be great leaders next year.

The meeting ended with general announcements for the next meeting and all of reciting together – Celebrating You, 70 Years Strong!

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