We’re Still Standing

We’re Still Standing

By Jamie Pickering, DTM, District Director


Don’t you know we’re still standing better than we ever did
Looking like a true Toastmaster, feeling like a better me
We’re still standing after quarantine
Celebrate the pieces of our life with 70 on our mind

We’re still standing six feet away
We’re still standing wash germs away

Fellow Toastmasters, we are still standing.  It may be separately, in our own homes, or with correct social distancing – but we’re still here.  Celebrate!  We all quickly pivoted to online meetings to keep learning, growing, and becoming better versions of ourselves. Celebrate!

It’s during times like these of uncertainty and constant change that we figure out what we’re made of.  Have you seen it?  I have, in all the Facebook postings, emails, and Education Awards earned.  You haven’t stopped.  You haven’t let outside forces influence your plan to achieve your goals.  Celebrate!

Your club goal for this year is to become distinguished, and for most it’s the membership qualifier that’s the sticking point. But pivot your thinking for just a moment – every person who told you ‘I don’t have time’, now has an abundance of time.  Every person who can’t get up from their desk to make the meeting now doesn’t have to get up, they simply log on!  Every person who threw excuse after excuse is now out of them.  Go back and re-invite all you’ve invited before because the time is now for all to become better version of themselves in Toastmasters.

This too will pass, and when it does fellow Toastmasters, we’ll be ready with the skills and knowledge to be the best we can be because We’re still standing, yeah, yeah, yeah…

Additional resources for online meeting fliers can be found HERE.