Assisting Members Progression down a Printed Path and Submitting an Education Award

Assisting Members Progression down a Printed Path and Submitting an Education Award

By Greg Pick, DTM, Past District Director, Pathways Coordinator

Did you know that only 0.1 percent of members worldwide have elected printed material for their path?  Recently, I responded to my first request related to moving along their path when working from printed material.

Members who elect to travel down a path using printed material never have to log onto a computer.  However, after notifying their Base Camp manager of project completion, the Base Camp manager will need to approve each project upon completion in Base Camp for the member to advance.  Similarly, the Base Camp manager will need to approve the Level Completion and to submit the award in Club Central.  Below is a bulletized list that should be followed for approving project and level completion for members using printed material for their Path:

Project Completion

  • Log into Base Camp as a Base Camp Manager
  • Use the search bar in the upper right (next to the gear) to bring up the correct member’s record
  • Select “Transcript” in the white bar located on the member’s profile
  • Click “Open Curriculum” for the path related to the award being submitted
  • Select the “View Details” button to the right of the level that corresponds with the award
  • Select the “View Checklist” button next to the first project in the level
  • The checklist will open. Check the box under the “Completion” heading.
  • Select the Save button on the left to save it as complete.

The page will reload and show the project as Completed

  • Follow this process for all projects on each level
  • Once all the required projects are validated on a level, you will be able to validate the Level

Level Completion

  • To validate level completion, select the checkbox under the Level # Completion heading on this page. Then select the Save button on the left.
  • Return to the home page of Base Camp and approve the level complete in “Pending Requests” before submitting the award through Club Central

Submitting the Award in Club Central

  • Go to Club Central
  • Select the Button “Submit Education Awards”
  • Select the member from the dropdown menu
  • Select the Level being approved
  • Once the award has been submitted in Club Central, the member’s record will automatically update with the new award.