Second D25 Summit a Great Success

Second D25 Summit a Great Success

By Ninfa Flewitt, DTM, Division A Director

The second District 25 Leadership Summit was a huge success! If you missed it, you missed a day of education, networking, fun, and a real opportunity for club and personal growth.

The first district-wide Area Council meetings were a huge success! Thank you to all the clubs who were represented!  After the large group photo, we were ready to get our education started.

Education sessions in areas such as mentoring, evaluations, team success, club goals, corporate and organizational club issues, leadership, and parliamentary procedure were available! In many instances, there was standing room only in these classes! Each of these education sessions was presented by our friends in District 25!  I heard many great things about the education being beneficial with members gleaning great ideas to take back to their clubs!

In addition to education sessions, we had some fabulous keynote speakers! Each speaking on service to the members, clubs, and district. We were challenged to think beyond our own experiences, to consider our leadership style, and to never let anyone tell you that you cannot do something!

The 2019 Summit was internationally attended as our Region 3 Advisor, Violetta Rios, was present for the day. Violetta flew in from Mexico and commented favorably on the DTM Ceremony, saying that she saw many things that she can take home to honor DTM Recipients in her district.  When we say the District 25 DTM Ceremony is “World Famous,” that is no exaggeration! People all over the world look toward District 25 as being the leader in celebrating newly Distinguished Toastmasters!

I was honored to serve as the DTM Manager and was excited to celebrate 14 DTM recipients! If you have never seen a DTM Ceremony, please make a point to be a part of the audience as we celebrate those who have achieved the highest goal in Toastmasters.  They worked hard to earn their Distinguished Toastmaster Award and D25 honors that achievement in grand fashion!

Spending the day with people who celebrate your successes is part of the Toastmasters tradition! If you weren’t there, you missed a great day and we missed you!

Teamwork made the Summit a Platinum Level event!!


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