It’s Time!

It’s Time!

By Robi Ley, DTM, Immediate Past District Director, District Leadership Chair

This post originally created October 9, 2019.  Updated November 12, 2019.
Link to Toastmasters International Protocol 9.0 added December 9, 2019.

You’re ready. I know you are. Ready for what? Ready for your next step. That step up and out to District Leadership.

Wait. What? Me? District leadership?

Yes, you. It’s time.

Even though it’s only October, now is the time to begin planning for your next step in your personal and professional development. There are two upcoming opportunities for you to learn more about the leadership areas available to you. The first is during our 2nd Annual Summit. We will have a Leadership Panel made up of current and past district leaders who can answer your questions and give insights into the roles they’ve held. More details for the second one will be available soon.

Very soon, the district will be asking people to submit nominations for the 2020-2021 elected district officer positions; Division Director, Club Growth Director, Program Quality Director, and District Director. Anyone who wishes may submit their own name, or someone else’s name if they feel that person is qualified to serve. The District Leadership Committee will consider all nominations for all positions. Interviews will be held, and all the best qualified candidates will be put forward. It doesn’t mean that every single nomination will be put forward, but it does mean there can be more than one person nominated for each role.

Post updated 11/12/2019:

One of my favorite songwriters has a piece called “Your Time”. The last lines of the song are “I’ll be there too, every step I’ll take with you, It’s your time. Start your climb into the sun.”

Now is not just time, it is your time to begin your climb into the sun of district leadership. You don’t climb alone. That’s not safe. The district leaders who have walked this path before you, will come alongside and make sure you have the right knowledge and equipment to make the journey successfully. You have to start, though. You have to take the first step.

That first step is right here, right now. Use this link  to fill out the forms. That’s all it takes to start this phase of your leadership journey.

The links below will give you more information on the different roles available, the requirements and expectations of each role, and other information you need. There will be a Leadership Open House on January 11 at Texas Wesleyan University. You can register here (link to registration). Don’t wait. The deadline to submit your paperwork is January 15.

Even in you’re not completely sure, submit your paperwork and go through the process. You can withdraw later if you choose, but you cannot submit afterwards.

“It’s your time – start your climb.”

You can find more information on the role descriptions and the Toastmasters protocols we follow for this process at the following links:

District Leadership Opportunities
Elected Position Information
How can you find out more about elected positions and other leadership opportunities?
Toastmasters International Protocol 9.0 District Campaigns and Elections

Rule change from Toastmasters International:
ALL candidates (including floor candidates) must be evaluated by District Leadership Committee.