Base Camp Manager Duties

Base Camp Manager Duties

By Greg Pick, DTM, Past District Director, Pathways Coordinator

The Vice President Education is the Base Camp Manager.  Your duties include approving Level Completion requests and monitoring their progress.  Outside of Pathways you ensure they meet their goals by giving them speaking opportunities.  The President and Secretary provide back‑up to and have access to Base Camp.

Approving a Pending Level Request

In Base Camp, you approve a pending level request by accessing the “Pending Requests” panel on the Base Camp Manager page when you log in as a Base Camp Manager.

The pending level request will look as follows when you open the panel and the request had not yet been approved.  At this time, the Base Camp Manager will follow the protocols established by the club for verifying completion of the projects.

Where Is the Member on Their Path?

What is the progress of a member along their path?  After your login as the Base Camp Manager, you can recall the members profile by beginning to type in the member’s name (as identified below).  This selection can be accessed from any page you are on when you are logged in as a Base Camp Manager.

Once their Base Camp Profile appears you can select their Transcript to determine their educational activities including gaining access to their path.

After selecting their Transcript, you can select a Path to identify their progress along their Path including what projects have been completed within a level.  On this page you can determine if a member has activated their Path or launched a project.

For this member, the Base Camp Manager can determine that the member has (1) completed Levels 1 and 2, (2) begun working the Level 3 Successful Collaboration project, and (3) has not selected any of the Elective Projects.

What Levels Have Been Completed by Members?

Another task for a club involves determining who will achieve what Distinguished Club Program goals throughout the year.  The Base Camp Manager can get a rough idea by using the Dashboard that provides several reports.  The Base Camp Manager accesses the dashboard using the middle panel on the Base Camp manager page.  The first two types of reports provide useful to determine member progress along a path (Individual Progress) for each level, and how many paths are being worked (Path Progress).

When you are on either chart, you can gain detailed information by using the drop-down arrow and selecting the “Export to Excel” option.  When you select this option, you get a detailed list of the members and their progress for the chart selected (e.g., Level 1 progress or Path Progress).  The Path Progress Excel list for this club included:


Toastmasters International provides several online tools to ensure that Base Camp Managers can perform their duties.  These include approving Levels and reviewing progress prior to allowing access to the next level; the ability to review a member’s curriculum to identify recent activities; and using reports to determine who is on what path and level.